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The best way to add realism and finish off your Attack On Titan Cosplay is to use coloured contacts. Check out our season 4 anime contacts styles and choose a pair to fit your favourite Survey Corps or titan shifter.


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Check out our latest blog and find out the latest ideas for costumes with contact lenses for cosplay. We're featuring some of our favorite Instagram affiliates and their secret coloured contacts that finish off their posts!


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If you love one of the biggest Anime hits of the 21st Century, check out this helpful blog with all of the coloured contact lenses that you need for Sword Art Online Cosplay costumes. Make your next convention a winner with some of these anime lenses.


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Prepare for your next Overwatch Cosplay with the some new Coloured Contacts. Add some life to your Mei, Mercy and Reaper costumes in a flash!


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The Bright movie is coming to Netflix soon and we've made a blog with our favourite fantasy contact lenses for making the perfect Cosplay costumes based on the characters of this new movie release


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Get yourself the ultimate Pokemon movie cosplay costume with a pair of awesome coloured contact lenses! This guide will show you how to perfect looks like Ash Lugia and even Mewtwo!


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Get the perfect Cosplay contacts to suit your Superhero costume from Thor Ragnarok. Make the convention hall look more electric with a pair of lenses that will complete your outfit.


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Join Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy With A My Little Pony Cosplay Featuring Coloured Contacts


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Grab yourself an epic ninja look with some Naruto Contact Lenses! Featuring epic styles from all your favourite characters, if you're a bigger lover of the show or just love giving your eyes a fancy new look, you must check this out!


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Take your League of Legends Cosplay to whole new levels with a pair of coloured contact lenses. Check out some League of Legends costume inspiration and pick out some new perfect Cosplay lenses for you.


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If you’re pulling together a new cosplay costume but think it’s just lacking a little something, you should definitely take a dive into our comprehensive coloured contacts range.


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Saca tu Na'vi interior a la luz con un bodypaint azul y lentillas amarillo Avatar. Echa un vistazo al trabajo de nuestro equipo de influencers y descubre cómo cosplayear estos seres de ciencia ficción.


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Start planning your My Hero shonen anime cosplay before the long wait for season 4! Finish off your costume style with our Boko No Hero Academia Contact Lenses! Featuring ideas for All Might, Midoriya, Todoroki Shoto, Kirishima and Shigaraki!


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We're making the most of the wait for Seven Deadly Sins season 2 by looking at the new PS4 game release and getting the perfect Cosplay coloured contact lenses for your 7DS themed costume.


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Have you seen Mitsuki sage mode yet? Make sure to check out this blog and see how you can get yourself the ultimate Naruto and Orochimaru Cosplay.


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Get ready for your next incredibly cosplay with our amazing range of prescription cosplay contacts. Whether you're a fan of Dragon Ball Z, Naruto or Attack on Titan; we're sure we've got the perfect lenses to complete your cosplay!


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Get hyped for the Avengers Infinity War trailer with top inspiration on how to prepare for you Avengers Costume cosplay with some of our Coloured Contact Lenses.


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Get inspired to make your next X Men Cosplay the best that it can be by adding some coloured contact lenses. From Phoenix to Storm Cosplay ideas, you'll find something to make your costume look incredible.


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Si estás a tope con todo lo relacionado con Game of Thrones, ¿por qué no rendir homenaje a la serie con unas Lentillas Caminante Blanco que complementen tu próximo Cosplay?


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If you're loving the newest big Anime phenomenon, Darling in the FranXX , you might already be thinking about making a new Cosplay costume. If you need to get your hands on some stylish anime contacts that give you the perfect colour for your favourite character, check out this handy blog.


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Get your cartoon contact lenses and start planning your next anime costume look. Check out this latest blog and find ideas for Cartoon Network costumes!


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Use Anime Coloured Contact Lenses to add a new level of detail to any Anime or Manga Cosplay outfit!


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Calling all cosplayers! Are you searching for some show stopping contacts for your next event? Then you need to check out our latest blog 'Cosplay Lenses: Find Your Perfect Pair!'!


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Add some extra bite to your Vampire costume. In this blog we look at some of the best contact lenses for those who want to dress up as Twilight characters for Halloween. With loads of options, it's not just Twilight fans who can get a good look, but any Vampire enthusiast


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Coloured Contacts are sponsoring Heroes Comic Con Valencia! Check Out All The Events & Guests For This Weekend Event. If You Are Entering The Cosplay Competitions You May Have A Chance To Win A CC Goodie Bag


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Halloween Is Fast Approaching! This Year We Are Getting Inspired By Our Favourite Disney Characters So Let’s Cosplay Maleficent Eye Contacts


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Let @f.ukuro inspire you next look with her Himiko Toga Cosplay featuring our anime contact lenses. Plus see more My Hero Academia Cosplay from our affiliates!


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Are you excited about the new Justice League movie? Make sure to try Justice League Costumes featuring Coloured Contacts


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¿Vas a trabajar en un Cosplay de Geralt de Rivia, Yeneffer o Ciri? Échale un ojo a nuestra guía de lentillas The Witcher y nuestras lentillas cosméticas, de ojos de gato y esclera.


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Get ready for your Episode VIII: The Last Jedi costume with a pair of our Star Wars Sith Eye Contacts.