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Do you love making scary make up looks for Halloween? Then be in with a chance to win a £100 gift voucher for our store. The Coloured Contacts Costume Contest is waiting for you! Get all the information you need in this helpful blog.


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Get some Comic Con Cosplay ideas from recent participants at Silicon Valley Comic Con. Check out the best costumes and contact lenses to make sure your next conventions Cosplay goes down a treat!


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If you need to know ' What are the nearest cosplay events near me'? Coloured Contacts has you covered with a list of the top anime and cosplay conventions happening in the UK in 2018.


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Coloured Contacts are sponsoring Heroes Comic Con Valencia! Check Out All The Events & Guests For This Weekend Event. If You Are Entering The Cosplay Competitions You May Have A Chance To Win A CC Goodie Bag


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San Diego Comic Con 2018 launches on July 19th so there isn't much time to sort your costume if you are lucky enough to have tickets! We have also included a comic essentials packing list