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While a dove can be pure and white, there are times in everyone’s life when being a dark and dangerous crow is just far more interesting... And no crow is complete without the mysterious and wild eyes they’re known for. So, join the dark side and Buy Crow Coloured Contact Lenses. While there are hundreds of gothic chic accessories that are crow related, perceptive yellow crow eyes are possibly the most important thing when developing the look of the bird.

Shake your tail feathers

The appeal of dressing as a crow is not lost on us – who wouldn’t want to be one of those black beauties? Think stunning eye masks, feather cuffs on lace gloves, and fiendishly sharp talons (a.k.a. false nails). And wings! Seriously, who doesn’t want an excuse to wear wings? If anything, there should be more wings in fashion. One thing that we’re sure of is that no bird is complete without the wild eyes they’re known for.

Dressing as a crow is a glamorous and sleek way of wearing an original costume. The feathers, the grace... It’s a total novelty outfit that ticks a lot of fashion boxes – I mean, wearing black is seriously always in fashion. For fair skin, while you may look like a swan princess through the day, you can create a glamorous black swan evening look with our spooky eyes!

The crow is a great alternative to generic Halloween costumes, and coloured contacts can really help you develop a stand-out style. Whether you’re aiming to look like a companion of Maleficent, or a member of the Night’s Watch, the crow is having a serious rebirth in pop culture, and your costume could reflect that. As it was once believed that crows carried the souls of the dead to the land of the dead – sometimes bringing them back for unfinished business – what could be more perfect for Halloween, the night of the dead?

Plus, we all know how chaotic life can be, how time slips by, and how suddenly there’s barely any time left before Halloween. While the high street is crammed with indecisive and slow moving people, and fancy dress shops running low on stock, there’s just no time to wait for eBay or Amazon to deliver. That’s where you can rely on us, as for UK customers we offer both standard and next day delivery! Oh yes girls, there’s no excuse not to completely rock an edgy look this Halloween, even if you’re shopping on the October 30th! Skip the crowds, relax at home and order on line to get the fashion lenses you need to pull off a legendary crow ensemble!

Though while the yellow crow eyes are perfect for Halloween, they don’t have to only be used for that! Who doesn’t love a fancy dress party, and Cosplay is becoming increasingly popular, with the finely detailed accessories all being considered part of the novelty. Plus, who doesn’t want to step up their style game with fashion forward accessories? Party the night away in our coloured contacts, and we’re sure your unusual irises will catch everyone’s eye!

Not a Bird Person?

Not a problem! While our range of yellow crow eyes is extensive, with some mystic, some earthy, some camoeyes, and some even UV to truly light up the party, we at Coloured Contacts actually have so much more to offer than crows.

From spooky eyes, to a natural looking pair to transform you into an alter ego, we have something for everyone. Novelty mesh contacts provide unusual texture, while full sclera lenses cover your eyes completely! Feeling catty? Try our immense collection of feline looking eyes, or go for something classically scary like bloodcurdling red vampire eyes or haunting golden eyes for the howling wolf within. The choices are endless! There’s no reason not to dazzle all year round, so light up your outfits with our selection of amazing eyewear!

While we love the thought of the dark and ominous crow for Halloween, our brilliant customer care team would be more than happy to answer questions and offer advice on our whole range, making sure your newest accessory matches your personality and style!

Still Not Sure Coloured Contacts Are For You? We know they are! What makes the lenses we offer at Coloured Contacts really amazing is the fact that they’re even fantastic looking for dark eyes! Some competitors may only offer to slightly alter the pigment of your eye, and be ineffective on darker eyes, but all of our lenses ensure dramatic changes and vibrant colour for dark eyes as well as lighter ones. Wearing our lenses would give every iris a bright blood red colour, no matter what colour lies beneath!

We know that these are the contacts for you as we can totally adapt to meet your needs. Only want to wear your feathers, talons, and yellow crow eyes for Halloween? We have single use lenses. Going to several parties over the period? We have thirty day reusable lenses! Thinking of adding eye accessories to your regular party look? Maybe try 90 day reusable lenses. And for frequent cosplayers, we can help you save a fortune on costume accessories as we provide lenses that are reusable for a whole year.

All of our lenses come from reputable brands such Eyefusion, who have the same commitment to quality as we do, and are based in the UK. By using only high quality brands we can promise that your experience of fashion lenses will be easy and comfortable.

While we’re convinced you’ll love using our coloured contacts, you must consult your optician before wearing lenses of any kind, to ensure they won’t damage your eyes in any way, and you fully understand aftercare surrounding lenses. This does not mean you need a prescription, as all of our lenses are fashion accessories, and won’t alter your vision in the least! It’s just a precaution you should take for your own safety and peace of mind.

So, whether you say yes or no to the crow, there is a whole selection of affordable and fashionable high quality coloured contacts available to bring some fun and sparkle to every outfit, fancy dress or not. How can you possibly resist indulging in this daring accessory?