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Which eye colour is a witch eye color? Now there’s a twister to think about. Our witch contact lens range will have you prepared to be any type of witch from the good witch gone bad, to the scary beings found in folklore.

According to Roald Dahl there are some easy ways to help you spot a witch so you can be sure to accessorise correctly. He says witches always wear gloves and have blue spit. In his weird and wonderful world, our favourite feature of the witches is that their eyes change colour! If you look close into the eye of a witch you will see it. When you buy some witch eye contacts from Coloured Contacts you can be sure your scary colour change will be obvious. With our high quality pigmentation, every pair of lenses you receive will be vivid and bright.

Sometimes in fantasy fiction the eye colour of the witch denotes her power e.g. blue for the ocean and silver for thunder or ice. This could be a fun way to add a theme to your traditional Halloween witch costume. Luckily possessing magic powers does not have the same connotations as it used to. We have all heard stories of women being executed for small indicators that meant she was a witch. In the modern day the sci-fi and fantasy genre is hugely popular which means magic inspired costumes are too! Whether you are cosplaying your favourite enchantress or are creating your very own witch character a pair of cheap Halloween contact lenses is sure to give you the edge.

Free Your Inner Witch With Halloween Contact Lenses

With blackout lenses you are sure to look the part at your next fancy dress party. These lenses completely cover your pupil and iris. If you choose the Black Mini Sclera Halloween Contact Lenses then the colour also extends into the whites of your eye giving a larger circle and creating an even more frightening look. These are the perfect lenses for pairing with some cool makeup. You could go to the full extreme of ghoulish or play on the soulless look of a poor lost creature. This is a less traditional choice for witch eyes but this could work in your favour. Every Halloween we see plenty of witches in little skirts and pointed hats. With black lenses you could find a unique style for your next costume.

When you think of witches do you imagine purple striped tights and green skin? If it is time for your witch to grow up then why not ditch the purple tights and try out some purple witch contacts instead. These Enchanted Coloured Contact Lenses are sure to look awesome and hypnotic at a costume party. This conjures up images of majestic beautiful folk rather than the ugly wart covered creatures of storybooks.

If you are looking to complete your stereotypical witch costume then a pair of green witch contacts is sure to do the trick. If you want to be super specific with your characterisation why not try the Maleficent Coloured Contact Lenses. These lenses are the coolest in green witch contact lenses. They feature a yellow inner ring and black outer ring to highlight that green witch colour. These lenses are sure to give you a shapeshifter style to your eyes. When your friends stare into your new lenses they might find you no longer look quite human.

If you would like to be a good witch then you are going to love white witch contact lenses. The white coloured iris is perfect for creating an innocent eyed look. To transform into the most famous good witch of them all why not try Green Dolly Coloured Contacts? We are, of course, talking about the one and only Glinda the Good from The Wizard of Oz. Unfortunately not all white witches are good despite common thinking. Jadis, the white witch from The Chornicles of Narnia is certainly up to no good. Jadis loves nothing more than to spy on her subjects so for this costume why not try the White UV I-Glow Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses. The glow in the dark effect is sure to make fellow trick or treaters feel like they are being watched from the shadows.

Which Witch Contacts?

Coloured Contacts products are sure to be as cheap and high quality as Amazon, eBay and eyefusion contact lenses. Our top manufacturing process means you will receive a pair of lenses with the strong colours you love. All our lenses are FDA-approved so you can be sure your witches eyes Halloween contacts will feel comfortable and light. This is thanks to the soft breathable materials used to make them.

Lasting from 1 day to 90 days to 1 year our witch contact lens range is sure to have something to suit your needs. If you are looking for one night of eye changing madness then our disposable daily contacts are easy to use. Simply use your witch lenses once then throw away. For those of you who like to regularly dress up or are bursting with creative ideas you are just dying to try out then you are going to need something that lasts. Providing you keep them clean and store them properly our 90 days and 1 year lenses are reusable. Remember the time frame starts from when you first use your lenses. To keep your lenses sanitary and ensure your eyes stay healthy make sure to use eye care solution and a lens case when sorting your contacts.

Coloured Contacts sells the best witch contact lenses uk and serves plenty of other countries too so nobody has to feel left out. We also stock prescription Halloween contacts for those of you who want to ditch the glasses and jump into the fancy dress spirit. There is witchcraft in the air and our coloured contacts are helping create that magic spirit!