Adelaide Zombie Walk: Charity Night For The Undead

Adelaide Zombie Walk: Charity Night For The Undead

As Halloween approaches this is the season to enjoy haunted houses, zombie apocalypse events and other spooky scenes. One such event is the Adelaide Zombie Walk, and here at Coloured Contacts we are pleased to be sponsoring their 2018 event which is taking place on October 13th.

We got the chance to talk to event organisers Ann and Jason Bansemer to find out more. For starters here is an overview of what happens on the day:

Masses of zombies gather in Rundle Park, feasting and dancing as they wait for 7pm. Spectators line the streets and upon the hour the zombies are released together and march through the city en mass. They return to the park where they continue to dance until the party moves into various venues around town.

The event is run to raise funds for a local charity. Foodbank is the backbone supporting many charities to provide food to those in need including school breakfast programs and Xmas hampers.


What is your favourite part of the event?

I love to see the return walkers year after year with new costumes. I love to see the crowd enjoying themselves and most of all I love to see how much we can raise for Foodbank. To know that just 2 people (nobody special) decided to make this event into what it is to help others makes me very proud. Greed is the one thing I hate and it really does make me happy to know that we are doing our part to give back, to ease greed and to help others.

How did you get involved with Adelaide Zombie Walk?

At the very first walk in Adelaide I was a "walker". The following year I encouraged Jason to attend with me, from then on we have been running the event. I used to love dressing up but now with such responsibility and such a long day I no longer get to. I do enjoy however being a freshly turned zombie.

Ann & Jason’s Top 3 Zombie Lenses

  • White Blind Zombie Contact Lenses
  • Red Blind Zombie Contact Lenses
  • Blue Aqua Ice Walker Contact Lenses

Please note if you are intending to wear any lenses from our blind range they will greatly obscure vision. We recommend using one lens for a creepy half turned style or wearing them for a photo shoot.

Instagrammer @courtneyleighhollins has been getting on board with this event, Check out her awesome zombie look featuring our White Halloween Contact Lenses. We bet there will be plenty more creepy undead creatures at the event!

If you are planning on creating a zombie look but need some more inspiration then take a look at these Instagrammers featuring our lenses. Head to our Zombie section for more lens styles too - It is sure to get those creative juices flowing!

@fancymay_makeup is wearing the highly popular White Blind Lenses. As you can see she has opted to wear the lens in only one eye, which is perfect for heading out on a Zombie Walk. She definitely looks as if she has been claimed by the undead.

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Almost gone but not quit there

In contrast, @nikki.paint has opted for a more traditional Halloween monster. Her makeup includes deep creases and yellow skin which pair perfectly with her creepy toothy smile. This look features the Blue Ice Walker Lenses recommended by Ann.

If you want to try a lens that the other zombies may have overlooked, then check out @metamorphosia_fx wearing the White Mesh Contact lenses. These freaky lenses allow small squares of your natural iris to show through for a truly scary style.

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Another shot of today's beauty make-up!

Want to see more of the recommended lenses in action? Head to our gallery for plenty of pictures! For more information about the Adelaide Zombie Walk you can reach them here:

Do you have an event that you would love to be sponsored by Coloured Contacts? Click the link here to see the ways in which you could work with us. We look forward to hearing your ideas!

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Adelaide Zombie Walk: Charity Night For The Undead

Adelaide Zombie Walk: Charity Night For The Undead

This year Coloured Contacts are pleased to be sponsoring Adelaide Zombie Walk for their annual event! Every year zombies gather for one night to raise funds for their local Foodbank charities.

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