Makeup Madhouse: Natural Contact Lenses Showcase

Makeup Madhouse: Natural Contact Lenses Showcase

Makeup Madhouse has worked with us on many occasions. She’s trialed all manner of Coloured Contact products including our insanely popular Halloween contacts range. Recently however, we decided to send her some pairs of our new and exciting contact lenses from our natural range. Incorporating new styles and designs into an incredible comfortable soft and safe lens, our new range of enhancement tint contact lenses are a great choice for adding an extra touch of colour to your everyday style.

Enhancement tint contact lenses are a style of coloured contact lens that offer a detailed iris style and flattering colours to enhance eye shades. This particular style of cosmetic contacts is great for anyone looking for contacts on brown eyes that are still visible.

Keep reading, while we show you some of the gorgeous natural creations from the talented Carrie Esser (AKA Makeup Madhouse).

Enhancement Tint Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

With heading her own makeup company, stylish photoshoots and extravagant makeup looks are never out of the question for Carrie. If you’d like to see more of her work, we definitely recommend visiting her website here.

In her next post we can see her model exciting Hazel Autumn tri Tone Contact Lenses with a subtle and glowing natural makeup finish. When trying a pair of cosmetic contact lenses, we generally always recommend trying something slightly different to your natural eye colour. This is in order to draw extra attention to your new look, as well as to find our which coloured contact lenses work best for you!

Hazel Tri Tone Natural Contact Lenses, Cosmetic Lens

In Carrie’s first post however, we can see that these hazel contacts for brown eyes work magnificently by offering a darkened limbal ring and a sensational iris design for added depth to her natural style. Take a look at the rest of her photos modelling our hazel contact lenses below:

Blue & Grey Subtle Colour Contacts

As well as hazel, we are also excited to show off enhancement tint contacts in our Sky Blue Two Tone and Light Grey Two Tone Contacts styles. Carrie also used these various colours for her natural makeup which you can see before and after pictures for below:

We love how natural and subtle this style can look, but with Carrie’s makeup; these lenses can really shine. Depending on your colour preference coloured soft contact lenses are a great addition for reinventing your everyday style. In Carrie’s fantastic close-ups we can see how these lenses offer a darkened limbal ring to enhance the new eye colour.  See more of her closeups below:

Sky Blue Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses

Natural Grey Contact Lenses, Circle Eye Lens

Light Grey Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses

Natural Green Contact Lenses

For Carrie’s final photoshoot she tried our Green Envy 3 Tone Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses in 90 day. In this look she used a gorgeous pink makeup palette which really ads intensity to the green colour pigment in the contacts. Unlike the two tone design, the tri tone contact lenses also offer extra shades of colour pigment for more coverage. This not only increases the brightness of the lenses but also their ability to cover up unwanted colour that may seep through from your natural shade. See her fantastic images wearing our prescription green contact lenses below:

Green Natural Prescription Lenses, Contact Lens Review

So there’s a little look at Carrie’s recent makeup work with our contact lenses. As we mentioned previously, we have worked with Carrie on multiple occasions where she has recreated pop culture characters and new quirky styles. If you’re wanting to try a pair of these natural lenses for yourself but aren’t sure where to start; why not head over to our Makeup Madhouse video tutorial?

Fancy seeing more of Carrie’s work with Coloured Contacts? Head over to Makeup Madhouse’s Gallery Page here!

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Makeup Madhouse: Natural Contact Lenses Showcase

Makeup Madhouse: Natural Contact Lenses Showcase

See the talented Carrie Esser AKA Makeupmadhouse showcase our blue, grey, hazel and green natural contact lenses. These lenses are a fantastic option for adding subtle colour and enhance definition...

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