Witcher Contact Lenses For Geralt, Yennefer & Ciri Cosplay

Witcher Contact Lenses | Geralt, Ciri & Yennefer Eye Contacts

Witcher contact lenses are coloured contacts that feature the various eyes depicted in the Witcher live action series, video games and novels. Geralt of Rivia contact lenses are cosplay lenses featuring uv cat eye or black full eye sclera designs.

Quick coloured contact lens ideas for Witcher cosplay:

Geralt Of Rivia Contact Lenses:

Geralt Of Rivia Contact Lenses, Witcher Cosplay Lenses   Geralt Cat Eye Contact Lenses, Witcher Cosplay Lens

Yennefer Of Vengerberg Contact Lenses:

Yennefer Contact Lenses, Witcher Cosplay Yennefer Contacts, Witcher Cosplay Lenses

Ciri Contact Lenses:

Ciri Contact Lenses, Witcher Cosplay Ideas  Ciri Contacts, Witcher 3 Cosplay Contact Lenses

There’s no denying that over the years the Witcher franchise has gained vast popularity. This is mainly due to the creative and intriguing world crafted by author Andrzej Sapkowski as well as their interactive and live action series created to bring the Witcher universe to life.

With a recent interview with Netflix’s own Geralt of Rivia: Henry Cavill, he spoke about the complications that can come from wearing contact lenses. His interview explained about the effects that wearing lenses for longer than their recommend duration which he experienced due to over usage on set. Luckily, if you’re concerned about using your coloured contacts you can find a catalogue of information from our care guides page. Including Contact Lenses Safety, Contact Lens Storage and How To Insert And Remove Your Contact Lenses.

When describing cosplay contact lenses for a Witcher costume, there are a variety of different options to choose from. As the novels, video games and live action series can differ slightly there are a few options available if you’re looking to try a pair of contact lenses for a Witcher cosplay.

Geralt Of Rivia – Witcher Contact Lenses

If you are looking to create a Witcher cosplay with a pair of costume contact lenses, perhaps the most iconic character to choose is Geralt. Whether you want to take the look directly from the source material, or show off the ambitious eyes that are depicted throughout the show, we have plenty of options to choose from.

Witcher Contact Lenses, Geralt Cosplay, Cat Eye Contacts

  • Geralt Of Rivia Cat Contact Lenses

Within The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt video game Geralt is given many different appearances; however one of his most distinct and iconic features throughout this series is his bold cat-like eyes. Geralt is essentially a mutant, and his vibrant yellow, vertical-slit pupils personify this. Luckily, if you’re looking to cosplay this classic look of the character we have a variety of regular and UV cat eye contact lenses to perfectly complete this costume.  View the Cat Eye Contact Lenses section here.

  • Geralt Of Rivia Contact Lenses – Henry Cavill

Unlike the cat eye’s that are seen within the Witcher video games, Henry Cavill’s appearance in Netflix’s adaptation shows him using orange contact lenses with regular pupils. Not only is this closer to the source material provided in the novels it provides the White Wolf with a distinct appearance. View our cosplay contact lenses here.

If you’ve watched the first episode of The Witcher on Netflix you may be curious as to why Geralt can be seen with pure black eyes. As mentioned, Geralt is a mutant which allows him to withstand Witcher potions or poisons which can improve his combat ability at the cost of toxicity. Within the novel it is explained that “the face takes on the color of chalk, and the pupils fill the entire iris.”(The Last Wish, Page 29), which is exactly what happens during his first battle with a Kikimora.

In this scene we can see Geralt with full black contact lenses that cover both the iris and pupil. See our full range of black contact lenses here.

Yennefer Contact Lenses

Throughout the Witcher franchise Yennefer of Vengerberg is a mage with a vibrant violet eye colour. The distinct characteristic of purple eyes is almost completely unique to this powerful character and can be replicated with a pair of our coloured contact lenses with ease.  

For Yennefer contact lenses for cosplay we would recommend a pair from our purple cosmetic contact lenses for their intense colour and natural style depicted in the show.  See our violet contact lenses here.

Ciri Contact Lenses

Within the Witcher franchise Ciri is the surrogate daughter of Geralt and can be seen with a vibrant eye colour. Although it is unknown whether her vibrant eye colour is due to her hidden power, she can be seen with either green or blue eyes.

If you’re looking for Ciri contact lenses for your next cosplay, be sure to take a look at some of our options below. For the seekers of Ciri’s iconic vibrant green eye colour be sure to try the Enhance Full Tint Green contact lenses to transform your eye colour. Looking for a style similar to the Netflix adaptation? Why not try our Mystic Turquoise contact lenses.

Yennefer Contact Lenses, Ciri Contacts, Witcher Cosplay

So there you have our first blog of Witcher cosplay contact lenses. Have we missed a character or do you need more inspiration? Head over to our Cosplay contact lenses gallery page for more ideas from our talented affiliates.

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Witcher Contact Lenses | Geralt, Ciri & Yennefer Eye Contacts

Witcher Contact Lenses | Geralt, Ciri & Yennefer Eye Contacts

Looking to Cosplay as Geralt Of Rivia, Yeneffer or Ciri? Check out our Witcher contact lenses guide for cat eye, sclera and cosmetic coloured contact lenses.

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