White Contact Lenses: From White Out Zombie Halloween to White Mini Sclera Lenses!

White Contact Lenses: From White Out Zombie Halloween to White Mini Sclera Lenses!

White contact lenses are a perfect way of transforming any look or alternative style! If you’re considering picking yourself up a pair of contact lenses, then a few shots of our lenses in action are here to show you just how awesome your eyes can look after shopping with us!

Instagram User: @courtneyleighhollins

Shop White Halloween Lenses with Coloured Contacts

Here are some of the awesome styles of white coloured contact lenses we have to offer:

  • White Mesh
  • White Manson
  • White Zombie
  • White Mini Sclera
  • White Tick Tock

Check out links to all of these products below this post. Our selection really shows that the possibilities are endless when it comes to white styles.

Instagram User: @makeup_by_rups

One of the most stand-out looks you can achieve is definitely with a pair of our UV lenses – we just can’t get enough of them. If you pick yourself up a pair of white contact lenses such as the White UV i-Glow or the White Screen UV i-Glow then you’ll have your eyes glowing! These lenses are perfect for use in any spooky Halloween costume, or if you’re out for a night out. Onlookers won’t be able to get enough of your new glowing white eyes!

White Out Halloween Lenses

What completes a look more than a pair of full white lenses? Any and all of your Halloween costumes can be taken to a whole new level with a pair of white blind or white mesh lenses. Completely covering the eye, they make a freaky and fun look. Easily achieve an undead, monster or spiritual look with a pair of these awesome lenses. 

Instagram User: @internetchav

Be horrifyingly haunting with a pair of these lenses. Want to go out dressed as a zombie or an evil spirit? Then some white-out Halloween lenses are sure to get your look there! Check out some more of our white lenses in action here!

Instagram User: @miss_stryx

White Manson Lenses Are A Must Have

With a striking white finish, these black and white lenses are certainly a popular style of white coloured contacts! The white centre is surrounded by a solid black line which makes for a strong and stand-out stare. 

Instagram User: @creme_cosplay

Versatile and guaranteed to make you look all kinds of awesome, a pair of White Manson lenses are a must have purchase for you!

Time for Tick Tock Lenses 

Some of our affiliates just can’t get enough of the gorgeous White Tick Tock lenses! These white lenses are decorated with an intricate black clock face design. This extremely delicate detailing is sure to bring any look to life. You’re sure to lose yourself for hours in the depth of this design. Check out the following showcases from our awesome affiliates!

Instagram User: @kyriskat

This Steampunk and Victorian-inspired look really emphasises the mechanical and industrial side to this awesome pair of lenses. We really love this close-up shot of our contact lenses in action.

Instagram User: @glm_

She’s late, she’s late, for a very important date! This White Rabbit-inspired Cosplay is an awesome way to show off these lenses. We love all the creativity from our amazingly talented affiliates, if you like what you see, then make sure to head over to their Instagram pages to give them a like!

And what about you? Got a lens style you want us to see? Then why not posted your photo with the #myccuklenses hashtag to share your photo with us, we are always looking to repost the awesome styles of our coloured contact lens users! Come and check out our social media sites on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter to get social and to get sharing! We can’t wait to see what you all come up with!

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White Contact Lenses: From White Out Zombie Halloween to White Mini Sclera Lenses!

White Contact Lenses: From White Out Zombie Halloween to White Mini Sclera Lenses!

We love seeing people use our White Coloured Contact Lenses. Check out some fantastic showcasing of White Out lenses perfect for horrifying Halloween looks!

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