Make Others Green With Envy With Our Green Coloured Contacts!

Make Others Green With Envy With Our Green Coloured Contacts!

If you’re looking for a shade that’s guaranteed to ensure your peepers stand out from the crowd, then it’s about time you checked out our extensive range of gorgeously green contacts. With a wicked selection of Natural and SFX inspired designs to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a style to match.

Here at Coloured Contacts we believe in the notion of style exploration. With an extensive range of FDA-Approved, high-quality lenses are only a click away, switching up your stare has never been easier. Ideal for transforming your day to day look or for fixing up your fancy dress ensemble, our comfortable and easy to use lenses are sure to add that much-needed splash of colour to your style.

Regardless of what your existing eye colour, our lenses boast a deep and rich pigmentation that’s guaranteed to ensure even the darkest of natural eye colours is disguised! With green contacts for brown eyes, blue eyes and everything in between, it’s about time you made Coloured Contacts your next one-stop shop for all things quirky!

Natural Green Lenses:

Green Tri Tone Lenses: Boasting a detailed, natural inspired finish, these realistic lenses are enough to keep people second guessing your natural eye colour! The perfect accessories for someone looking to liven up their usual day-to-day style, these lenses are a definite must-have!

Green Glimmer Lenses: If you’re looking to add a bit of glitz and glamour to your daily style, then it’s about time you checked out these sparkly lenses. Designed to give your gaze that extra edge, these mysterious and alluring lenses are perfect for drawing people in.

Green Mystic Lenses: Another accessory that’s guaranteed to add a level of depth to your stare, these gorgeously green lenses are sure to bring your gaze to life. Adding a dash of natural tone to your fashionable style, these lenses are perfect for all occasions, whether every day or cosplay/fancy dress inspired.

Green Contact Lenses
Image Credit: Instagram Affiliate @makeupisart_x

SFX Green Lenses:

Green Blind Lenses: If you’re looking to create a blank yet vivid stare, then it’s about time you checked out our wicked blind style lenses! Providing a block colour effect, this vibrant style is perfect for adding the finishing touch to your fancy dress or cosplay ensemble!

Green UV I-Glow Lenses: Perfect for parties and after-dark occasions, these vibrant and luminous lenses are sure to liven up the crowd! Boasting a rich and poignant finish, these lenses are perfect for those that are looking to make a style statement.

Green Werewolf Lenses: If you’re looking to sink your claws into something a little different, then it’s about time you pounced on these dazzling beauties! Bursting with tonnes of green, yellow and black, these ferocious lenses are sure to compliment your style whatever the occasion (full moon not required)!

Cobra Lenses: Sure to get heads turning in your direction, these vertical pupil style lenses are not for the faint-hearted. Replicating a reptilian inspired stare, these vibrant lenses are perfect for cosplay or fancy dress occasions!

Green Contact LensesImage Credit: Instagram Affiliate @eclecticmel

How To Compliment Green Lenses:

Still unsure of how to pair your new found love for Green lenses? If so, then why not pair your lenses with some natural or gold coloured eyeshadow. Guaranteed to ensure your eyes do the talking, these shades are perfect for everyday or formal occasions.

Gold not your thing? Then why not try experimenting with other Green hues? A perfect way to extend your gaze, this style is perfect for transforming your style this Summer Season!

So there you have it, a whistle-stop tour of all things Green. Ideal for adding a splash of colour to your stare, why not check us out on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram! Got a style that you’re eager to share, then why not drop us a message, we’d love to hear from you!

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Make Others Green With Envy With Our Green Coloured Contacts!

Make Others Green With Envy With Our Green Coloured Contacts!

If you're looking to try out something different this Summer Season, then why not check out our latest Green Contact Lens inspired blog!

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