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Creative Contact Lenses are nothing without the talented people who use them to create talented costumes and cosplay. Take a look at some of our recent affiliates and fuel your costume inspiration.


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Check out our latest blog and find out the latest ideas for costumes with contact lenses for cosplay. We're featuring some of our favorite Instagram affiliates and their secret coloured contacts that finish off their posts!


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Now that The Walking Dead is back and hitting our screens, it’s time for a whole new zombie season! Zombie eyes can come in all sorts of styles and colours, from spooky eye contacts white to bold jet black contact lenses! So take a look at this blog and get some inspiration!


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Are you new to wearing coloured contact lenses? If so, then why not opt for something a little less ordinary and try out a pair of Aqua Coloured Lenses! Be sure to stand out from the crowd with the help of our latest blog!


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Have you always wanted to dabble in the arts of SFX? Always wondered how to perfect your look without stretching the budget? If so, then why not pair your next SFX ensemble with a pair of our amazing lenses! Check out this blog for all the 'how to's' and 'need to knows'!


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Consultez notre didacticiel vidéo de collaboration Makeup Madhouse pour des conseils sur les lentilles de contact; parfait pour ceux qui découvrent les lentilles de contact et les achats à Coloured Contacts.


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Come and see more of our coloured contacts in action. We've got some awesome affiliates wearing some of our best UV glowing lenses and some of our Terminator style lenses!


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Come and see our red coloured contact lenses in action. Our awesome affiliates have been trying out some of our red lenses and have created some fantastic horror, demon and cosplay looks.


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Are You Living In A Monochrome World? Then Check Out Our Black And White Contact Lenses!


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Possess Your Costume With Our Exorcist Contact Lenses


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Are you looking to add a splash of fantasy inspired colour to your stare? If so, then be sure to check out our extensive range of colourful lenses here at Coloured Contacts!


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Find your sea legs with Under the Sea, Mermaid Coloured Contacts. Dive into an ocean adventure and add sparkle to your eyes.


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Our Guide to Blue Contact Lenses for Dark Brown Eyes: here are our recommendations on what are the best blue contact lenses for dark eyes and which are the most realistic looking on brown eyes.


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Check Out The Scariest Aliens On Instagram! These MUA Have Used Alien Contact Lenses To Create Some Super Freaky Creatures.


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Ready for Halloween 2020? Add the finishing touch to your costume with Red Contact Lenses and see makeupmadhouse create an incredible vampire look.


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Join our talented affiliates for 10 Halloween Makeup YouTube Tutorials To Test Before Halloween!


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Fx_freak has been busy creating awesome new monsters and characters which we have compiled into this Monster Lookbook!