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Natural coloured contact lenses offer a breathtaking uplift to any look. We asked Enisa Ahmatović (Beauty With En/En_Angie) to give her coloured contacts review on our newest natural contacts.


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In this blog we recap on German Cosplayer Sajalyn's review of our Coloured Contact Lenses. See the different natural style that are perfect for both cosmetic and costume styles.


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NEW Air Optix Colors in Monthly 2 packs (pair) are available to order. Shop iconic shades including Sterling Grey and Gemstone Green in prescription and non prescription styles.


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See the talented Carrie Esser AKA Makeupmadhouse showcase our blue, grey, hazel and green natural contact lenses. These lenses are a fantastic option for adding subtle colour and enhance definition to your look.


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Nous avons la chance de travailler avec MUA @ladyparadoxx depuis un certain temps déjà. Avec beaucoup d'expérience dans l'utilisation de lentilles de contact, nous voulions savoir ce qu'elle pensait de nos derniers modèles de lentilles de contact naturelles.