So, you’re shopping online for coloured contacts but the question is; what types of contact lenses can you buy? There are of course prescription contact lenses to improve vision, but here at Coloured Contacts, we are all about lenses designed to totally transform your eye colour! As well as prescription or not, lenses can differ through their shape and the type of material that they are made from.

You may be sat there wondering; what type of contact lenses are best for me? Well, let’s take a look at all kinds of contact lenses, to help you work out which pair you need to pick up. Whilst shopping for lenses there are many terms floating which are contact lens specific, so we’ve done the hard work for you and compiled some common lens-related terms that may crop up and included what they mean.

What Types Of Contact Lenses Are Out There?

Here is your guide to shopping all the different kinds of contact lenses. Knowing what lenses you need and what all the different terms and types mean can help you to find the perfect pair of lenses for you.

  • What’s The Difference Between Prescription & Non-Prescription Contact Lenses?

One of the most important differences in types you should take account of is the difference between prescriptive/non-prescriptive lenses. Non-prescription lenses come with 0.00 power (plano), so will do nothing to alter or improve your vision. Prescription lenses can have varying strengths, and you can choose which prescription strength is most suited to you and your eyes. You should consult with your optician before purchasing any kind of prescription lenses to determine exactly what you need. 

  • What Are Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are made from flexible materials which make them lightweight and more comfortable to wear for prolonged periods of time. The material makes them more suitable for more casual wearers as they are comfy and easy to use.

  • What Are Hard Contact Lenses?

Hard contact lenses are named as such because lenses are made of firmer, more rigid materials that retain their shape during use. Some types of ‘hard’ lenses are porous to oxygen, and these can also be referred to as gas permeable lenses (or GP). GP lenses can be beneficial to wear for longer amounts of time, as their ability to absorb oxygen allows for the eye surface to remain hydrated.

  • Can I Wear Coloured Contacts Lenses With Astigmatism?

If you have astigmatism, you need to be looking for a type of contact lens called toric contact lenses. Regular contacts are (put simply) shaped for a spherical eye shape, and toric lenses are shaped differently to accommodate for eyes that are shaped differently. Toric lenses include prescriptions which can help with near-sighted and far-sightedness. If you have astigmatism, you eyes often have a unique shape, so it’s vital that you receive a professional opinion before you buy contact lenses for astigmatism.

  • What Are Circle Lenses?

Circle lenses or ‘big eye’ contacts are an example of coloured contact lenses which gives the visual effect of an enlarged iris. These contacts are purely for decorative use and do not have any prescriptive or corrective qualities.

Types Of Lenses Available With Coloured Contacts

We currently stock soft coloured contact lenses, which are for cosmetic use only. Our coloured lenses feature pigments which give the effect of eye colour alteration or creating alternative and vibrant designs on your eyes. Designs feature everything from Halloween cat’s eye effect to a natural look blue iris lens.

Our lenses are perfect for both one-off contact lens wearers as well as contact lens veterans. We cannot stress the benefits of contact lenses enough, as our entire range is made from high-quality materials so are comfortable and are very safe to use. Dependent on your needs, you can also choose what duration of lens type that you need. These types of contact lenses are as follows:

  • Extended Wear Contact Lenses: 30-day, 90-day or 1-year options are perfect if you’re looking for a longer change from your coloured contacts. These lenses are reusable, so can be worn on multiple occasions. Users of extended wear contact lenses should adhere to strict eye care cleaning regime to ensure ocular health and hygiene is of a high standard.
  • Daily Wear Contacts: often referred to as ‘dailies’ these lenses are disposable, one-use contact lenses. These lenses are more water-based and are perfect for 1-day wear. If you’re preparing for fancy dress or Halloween, these are the best contact lenses for you!

The last thing to consider before buying our lenses is considering the right style for you. The benefits of shopping with Coloured Contacts include a huge range of fun and funky styles. We’ve got designs to cater for every need – the possibilities are endless when it comes to fashion contact lenses.

Still wondering: what type of contact lenses are best for me? Well, make sure to have a good look at our selection whilst considering not only the design but which types of contact lenses you need to work with your eye. We urge all of our customers to seek advice before trying our contacts, as this is the best way to ensure the user is suitable, and that they do not have any underlying eye conditions or issues.

We want all customers to enjoy using our lenses, so make sure to do your research to compare all the different types of contact lenses available to make sure you bag yourself the absolute perfect pair of lenses!

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