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Walking Dead Contact Lenses: Find Hordes of Zombie Dead Lenses

Walking Dead Contact Lenses: Find Hordes of Zombie Dead Lenses

Our Walking Dead Contact Lenses are a perfect choice for zombie and dead eye contact lens styles. Get yours in time for Halloween!

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The Walking Dead Contact Lenses are coloured costume contacts that recreate the look of the zombie's (Walkers) from AMC's television series. The most popular Halloween contact lenses for this look are white eye zombie lenses or blind contacts that feature an opaque undead style. 

With Halloween costumes in mind, here are some zombie styles of Walking Dead contact lenses that are certain to terrify. The hit US apocalyptic show is filled with scary zombie looks which we think will be pretty awesome to replicate this Halloween! Zombie walking dead contacts give an ideal undead look as they give the look of an empty and colourless eye.

We’re here to champion special fx contact lenses as this year’s must-have Halloween costume accessory. Anyone can dress up in a costume, but it takes that little extra effort to get your very own zombie Halloween contacts. Trust us when we say that it’ll be worth it. We’ve seen some truly impressive styles brought to life by our lenses, and certainly, think that you shouldn’t miss out!

Once you have become a walker, there is no turning back. Even though @metamorphosia_fx looks very convincing as a walker, we can assure you she is just incredibly talented with sfx makeup. Adding some spooky blind effect lenses or any other style from our zombie range will help complete your creepy zombie look. @fancymaymakeup looks well and truly infected by a zombie virus thanks to those creepy skin welts. We can’t believe how realistic they look. Paired with super freaky makeup around the eyes and a pair of our white zombie lenses, she looks like she could easily blend in on the set of The Walking Dead.

Iconic Eyes for Walking Dead Contact Lenses

There are plenty of types of zombies and walkers worth dressing up as at Halloween. You could choose zombie-looks from any season and still look the very best in the room. Whether it’s a blind contact lens Well Walker or even a feeding Blood Splat effect zombie lens, we’re sure to find plenty of ways to suit your style.

Here are some of the best character styles that any true TWD fan is sure to recognise!

Walker Merle Dixon – Merle in Zombie form had a distinct pair of eyes that are sure to stand out in any Halloween costume. We think you can’t go far wrong with the classic White Zombie Halloween Contact Lenses for a look like this.

Shane Walsh Zombie Eyes – If you want to replicate the look of Zombie Shane, then we think the White Mesh Contact Lenses are sure to do the trick. Although this walker wasn’t around for long, with 90-day lens duration, you can enjoy rocking this freaky look for a whole lot longer.

Eyes For All Kinds Of Zombies - Zombies in all walks of TV shows and films are iconic for their flared pupil look. The Zombie Undead Coloured Contact Lenses creates this awesome finish with a white outer design and a flared black centre. This will create a broken pupil look which is sure to make your style stand out. Yellow Eyed-Looks are pretty cool options as some TWD zombie sport an almost yellow coloured eye look, similar to a cataract style of lens. The Yellow Zombie Attack lens can help you achieve this awesome look. The flared colouring on these yellow contacts is sure to surprise as your natural colour simply peers through.

Blind Eye Contact Lenses for TWD Styles

A hugely popular style of zombie contact lens is the White Blind 90 Day Lenses. The blanked white-out style covers both the iris and the pupil. This gives a full white eye look; usually, a style only rocked by zombies themselves! The great thing about our range of Blind Contact Lenses is that they come in a variety of colours.

The white and black contact lens styles are sure to be a popular choice of blind effect contact lenses, but have you considered different styles such as Grey, Blue, Red or Green? Choose your colour dependent on your favourite zombie theme!

Customers should note that these lenses will obscure vision when worn! Walking dead lenses are sure to compliment your style, but make sure to read up on all the health and safety aspects before purchase.

Zombie Eye Styles Certain To Stand Out

Make to check every corner of our Zombie Contact Lens section before settling on your select style. As well as the classic zombie contact lenses we do have some awesomely alternative undead looks that simply have to be tried out. Check out the Zombie Infection lenses or even the Red Zombie Haemorrhage for more of a bloodshot eye look.

Fear not glasses wearers! We have plenty of prescription Halloween contact lenses available, so each of your zombie styles can come to life without a pair of glasses in sight! We have plenty of popular styles such as the White Manson and White Zombie lenses available in a variety of prescriptions.

With Halloween fast-approaching, it’s never been a better time to pick up a pair of walking dead contacts. Check out our YouTube playlist below for some inspiration on how to put these lenses to good use! If you have an awesome look to share, then make sure to tag us on social media. We’re always looking to repost on Facebook and Instagram.

Feeling competitive? Then make sure to check out our Halloween 2017 Contest page – all you need to do is enter a picture of your own scary makeup look for a chance to win!

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