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Want to create a uniquely spooky costume? Looking for lenses that are guaranteed to attract plenty of attention? Then you’re in the right place! When you buy vampire coloured contact lenses from us, you can be sure to look great and scare the pants off your friends and family in the process!

Unleash Your Inner Vamp

Halloween may only last for one night, but vampires live on eternally. Make sure your costume is remembered forever by celebrating the night of the undead by dressing one of the most talked about and ancient paranormal creatures ever – the vampire! And while anyone can wear a pair of fangs and call themselves dressed up, this Halloween you can take your costume to the next level simply and easily. All you’ve got to do is buy vampire coloured contact lenses and let your freak flag fly!

Be an authentic creature of the night in a timeless vampire costume with some novelty lenses. There are so many devastating and daring Dracula inspired options to choose from here at Coloured Contacts! Whether you’re looking to be haunting with classic red irises, or chilling with a blood spattered pair, or even imitating infamous Twilight teen heart throbs with a golden pair of contacts, there’s a pair of fashion lenses to suit the needs of every fanged fashionista! And all of these options ensure that NOBODY will be able to rival your costume, and ensure you stand out from the crowd.

Who wouldn’t want to be permanently encapsulated in their prime, invincible, dark, and dangerous....even if only for one night! Your eyes can confirm your authenticity as a creature of the shadows with a pair of our edgy coloured contacts.

While there’s a whole host of colours and styles to choose from, from red, red and black, to a coffin for an iris, colours aren’t the only things you can choose from in our range of fashion lenses. While a lot of lenses you find on the high street or sites with independent sellers like Amazon or eBay only offer contacts with a coloured iris around a black pupil, we can offer so much more than that!

We have lenses that cover the pupil completely, for a totally other-worldly look, or provide the look of the possessed and undead with mini or full sclera lenses that either expand the iris, or cover the whole whites of your eyes, so your entire eyeball, pupil, iris, and white is completely black. There’s also mesh lenses, for a textured and even more unusual look, or zombie eyes to make you look blind and possessed. The range of fierce and fearsome novelty lenses is endless, and there’s definitely something for everyone, no matter what your style. And, you’ll be glad to hear, all are cheap and affordable options.

And those aren’t even the only things you get to choose -your lenses can literally be tailor made to your needs. For example –for an edgy Halloween look, you may need a pair from our range for one use only. But if you’re planning on standing out from the crowd for a whole party season, there are thirty or ninety-day options available. And for Cosplayers, or those OTT ladies and gents who just love to make every outfit eye-popping with special details, there are year long options available!

And in the UK, you have the option of standard delivery, or if you’re anything like us at coloured contacts, who sometimes end up last minute shopping in the midst of our hectic schedules, there’s even next day delivery available! Save the fluster of last minute shopping on the high street, and let us solve all your costume problems with our fast delivery and amazing customer service!

High Quality Lenses For Less

OK, having a fabulous and fearsome costume with completely original details sounds great. Who wouldn’t want to emulate our fascination with the dark creatures, who we recognise as sexy and passionate thanks to our obsession with shows like The Vampire DiariesThe Originals, or True Blood? But, as every savvy shopper knows, it’s worth looking at the fine print.

The truth is, we really do want you to look fierce this Halloween, or for an entire party season. That’s why we ensure that our coloured lenses work for dark eyes, as well as light, and provide total coverage no matter what hue your irises are. That’s not something many brands can guarantee, but it’s important to us that every edgy fashionista can enjoy our lenses.

There’s also no snag in our pricing, we really are one of the most affordable places online to buy vampire coloured contact lenses from.

Another fact worth knowing is that there is no prescription required to wear any of our contacts. The range is purely aesthetic, so even if you don’t normally wear contacts, our range is still perfect for you. However, despite not needing a prescription, you should always consult your optician before using contact lenses, to make sure you can use them safely and understand appropriate after care.

And we would never want to pose a risk to your health or wellbeing , that’s why all of the lenses we sell come from quality manufacturers, like FDA approved brand Eyefusion who exclusively use quality materials to produce their UK made lenses, which means your lenses are comfortable and easy to use.

Ok, the undead, glamorous and sexy as a little danger and bloodlust is, isn’t for everyone. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still glance over our range of lenses! From our animal range, like golden wolf or cat’s eyes, to natural lenses – think the cold blue of a Wight Walker – there are lenses that make a sensational addition to every Halloween costume. And they’re not just for Halloween! Jazz up any outfit or fancy dress costume with this truly eye-popping accessory!