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Looking for a way to upgrade your Halloween costume? Want to unleash your inner animal? Well, then you’re in the right place! Transform your gaze in an instant with our cat's eye contact lenses and become a ferociously freaky feline for a night! Great for spooking your friends and family, you will be amazed by the number of people who will be in awe of your stunning predator eyes. Perfect for frequent fancy dressers, our cheap cat eye circle lenses are an invaluable addition to your arsenal of dressing up supplies. Check out Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range and choose a style that'll complete your costume in style. With a wide range of designs, colour and finishes to choose from, you can create the look of your dreams (or nightmares!) without compromising on quality.

Our high quality lenses feature unique designs that will turn you into the most sinister character during Halloween celebrations. All the lenses in Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range are flawlessly manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and every piece is tested for quality compliance before release into the market. In order to ensure this we source our lenses from some of the UK’s leading manufacturers, such as Eyefusion. We have experts who carefully select the lenses for you, and so there is no need for you to spend your precious time visiting manufacturers’ websites in search of better products. We have done the preliminary shopping for you just because we care!

Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range has different durations, and we advise that you select them based on the length of time you want to wear them off, because once a lens expires it must be disposed of immediately. For you to be economical with your hard earned cash we recommend the following: If you want to turn into a cat for one night only, buy the 1 day duration lenses; If you want to turn into a cat for one month, buy the 30 day lenses; If you want to turn into a cat for three months, buy the 90 day lenses; and, if you want to turn into a cat for one year, buy the 1 year duration lenses. Select wisely and save your money!

Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range is non-prescription, but for your own good we strongly recommend that you consult an optician or optometric so you know your suitability to wear eye contact lenses. Whenever you need to remove the cat’s eyes lenses (e.g. you feel tired of being a cat the lenses are about to expire, Halloween celebrations are over) you can easily revert to your natural vision by just removing the lenses from your eyes. Provided you followed our instructions properly, you won’t experience any side effects from using our lenses. It is that simple!

Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range; Ideal for any Costume

Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range features a feline’s vertical pupil and glows under some lighting conditions. It is ideal for extreme outfits, Halloween costumes and cosplay. We also have designs that will transform you into an imaginary super-cat. In order to effectively turn you into a perfect cat, our cat eye circle lenses are designed with a lot of diligence. If you have ever desired to view the world from a feline’s perspective, then you’re in the right place because you just need to wear our cheap contacts to achieve that in a stress free fashion!

Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range is suitable for both light and dark eyes; no matter the colour of your eyes we have pieces for you to combine with your costumes in order to get a perfect look. You can transform hassle free into a cat of your choice by wearing cat eye circle lenses. Turn into a blue cat by wearing our blue lenses or into an aqua cat by wearing our aqua lenses or into a yellow cat by wearing our yellow lenses.

Feline Fine

To give you an even more unique look, Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range features wide range of designs, some with a natural look and others with an exaggerated one. Our cat eye circle lenses glow differently under various lighting conditions, for we have paid special attention to glowing under low lighting conditions because that is fundamental for all cat eyes. These lenses will transform you into the creepiest character during Halloween!

If you have dark eyes, finding the appropriate contact lenses is no easy task. But fortunately you won’t hassle anymore because we have several lenses suitable for dark eyes in Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range. Your only worry now should be how to choose the right costume.

Shop confidently because Our Cat's Eye Contact Lens Range features newest high quality contact lenses sourced from the biggest names in the UK . All the information we provide about our products is accurate to the letter, and so are the product labels by the manufacturers. If you are a fashion conscious individual, keep checking out on our site for newest arrivals to match with your costumes. If you have any questions about our products and services, please feel free to contact our experienced customer support team! Buy from Colour Contacts now!