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If you're looking for a sophisticated way to change up your look or the perfect finishing touch to a fancy dress costume, our coloured contact lenses are a must-see! With a wealth of styles, designs and colours to choose from we have a pair of coloured contacts for everyone. Whether you're searching for some creepy Halloween contact lenses or something a little more natural, our coloured contact lenses are high quality with a cheap price tag!

The great thing about our coloured contact lenses is that we offer a hugely diverse range including classic red contact lenses, black contact lenses and white contact lenses that are just perfect for Halloween or Cosplay. For fans of spook, we also stock plenty of unique designs like blood splatter contacts, bat contact lenses and cat eye contacts; so ditch that boring old Halloween mask and bring some subtle sophistication to your scariest outfits.

Light Up The Night In The Blink Of An Eye With UV Coloured Contacts

For party animals, we have a rainbow of UV contact lenses featuring glow-in-the-dark versions of blue contact lenses, green contact lenses and even yellow contact lenses. So if you want to create a striking look for the evening, you can light up the night in a pair of our UV contacts.

No matter what your style, one thing you can always rely on at Coloured Contacts is the assurance that you are purchasing high quality coloured contact lenses that are safe to wear and easy to use. We only stock coloured contact lenses from leading brands, all of which have pioneered contact lenses that are safe, easy to insert/remove and comfortable to wear.

Another thing that makes coloured contact lenses so appealing is that they aren't just limited to out-there, colourful designs for Halloween and costume contact lenses, why not go for something a little more natural with a pair of our everyday contact lenses? These cosmetic contact lenses feature a whole range of hues including green, blue, hazel and brown. So if you've always wondered what it might be like to sport baby blues or you can see yourself as a brown-eyed girl, then why not experiment with some of our natural coloured contact lenses? If you'd love to switch up your eye colour but don't think that they'll work on your natural eye colour, you'd be surprised! Our lenses are rich with highly pigmented colour, making them the perfect coloured contact lenses for dark eyes, so try a pair for yourself and check out the awesome coverage.

Natural Coloured Contact Lenses: Blue, Green, Brown & More!

Natural coloured contact lenses are great for everyday use and are a simple way to completely transform  your look daily for work or school; you can even switch up the colour every day of the week by selecting several different shades!

Coloured contact lenses can be used for many occasions from simply enhancing your day-to-day look with a subtle change to creating a shocking stand-out stare at Halloween or a fancy dress party. Depending on what occasion you're intending to wear your coloured contact lenses for, we offer various durations of wear to suit each customer. So if you simply want some red contact lenses, white contacts, or black contact lenses to finish off your spooky Halloween costume, you can benefit from our daily coloured contact lenses that are completely disposable; meaning you can simply throw them away once you're done trick-or-treating! Whereas if you are a regular Cosplayer, you may want to invest in a pair of monthly, 90 day or even 1 year contact lenses, giving you the freedom to rock a different eye colour again and again. 

If natural coloured contact lenses are what you fancy, our blue contact lenses, green contacts and brown contact lenses all come in either daily, monthly or 90 day options, so you can make switching up your look a regular thing. Why not spend your working week as a brown-eyed beauty but party the weekend away with some pretty green peepers? There are so many styles, colours and durations of wear available that, with our selection of coloured contact lenses, the possibilities are endless!

Another reason to buy coloured contact lenses online with Coloured Contacts is that we offer cheap coloured contact lenses that are high quality and can be delivered straight to your door. So take out the hassle of traipsing around the mall looking for fancy dress accessories, just browse our extensive collection at home!