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Here at Coloured Contacts, we think there are dozens of excellent reasons to use green coloured lenses just about every day. We’re literally brimming with ideas and styles, and really can’t wait to tell you more about our range so you can get the emerald eyes to suit you! Our range has options to suit a natural look as well as a dynamic and dramatic one. And if that’s not enough, we also have some bone-chillingly creepy Halloween lenses too.

So ladies and gents, let’s start with some natural looking lenses, which come in all shades from beautifully bright to delightfully dim. We have single, double and tri tone lenses, so you can go for something vividly green, or more earthy looking. While the tri-tone is a very vibrant green, the two tone is darker, and the one tone bright and noticeable. These lenses are perfect for those amongst you who want to add a little mystique and va-va-voom to your look without being completely outrageous. They can be worn for play or work, and will no doubt have the office scratching their heads about what’s different about you! You can even employ a new persona if you need to give yourself an extra bit of confidence in a big meeting. A fresh look is always a good idea!

While chic and natural may appeal to some, others might want an all-out glamorous party look, and some dazzling lenses to add to their show-stopping ensembles. Well chicas, we’ve got your back with the perfect green lenses to wear when you’re looking to party up a storm. Our colour blends are able suit all your needs, so whether you choose mysticmisty, or green glimmer, you’re certain to look great. Not to mention we have a specific product called Green Party Big Eyes – could it be more perfect? And if you believe that’s all there is to vibrant green contacts, my dears you will have to think again. For the ultimate party girl, the 90s raver and the one who can truly light up the dance floor, we have UV green eyes – literally lighting up the dark and making sure that everyone in the club is paying you their full attention.

So, while we reckon that green lenses can be worn on any day (or any night), the fact of the matter is that most people will limit this fresh look for one night of the year – Halloween! When better to be a green-eyed temptress or make all your friends green with envy over your fabulous costume? There are so many options for so many spooky costumes! While lime green lenses are great in their own right for costumes like Poison Ivy, there are specific creature contacts available – like goblin lenseswitch lenses and even dolly lenses. Look like your eyes have been painted onto your porcelain face as you bring this inanimate yet terrifying object to life on the one truly magical night of the year! There are also green lizard eyes and cat’s eyes if anyone is looking to let their spirit animal out.

Need More Options?

OK, OK, we love green lenses, but we get they’re not for everybody. That doesn’t mean we don’t have a thrilling selection for you to choose from though!

As far as non-green lenses go, we have so many options! There’s the natural look, but with bluebrown or whatever colour tickles your fancy! These are also available in a variety of colour blends, and the intensity of the hues vary. Our personal favourite dramatic look is using the bright blue lenses on dark eyes. It’s incredible to see how easily they can brighten up your look!

When it comes to partying, the options are also endless! Our UV lenses are available in a host of colours, not just green, and mesh lenses provide a really unique and textured effect! There are lenses with shapes for pupils that aren’t plain black circles, and really unnatural colours like bright purple.

And, when it comes to Halloween, we may have convinced you that the bulk of our spooky lenses are green. And while we love the goblin and witch lenses with a capital L, we have to admit that the absolute classic pair of Halloween lenses is bloodcurdling red - ideal for any devilvampire, or demonic creature you can think of. The sky really is the limit, especially with some of our favourite extreme lenses like the full sclera – which covers the whole eye, including the white, and provides a really possessed look. The blind and zombie effect lenses are also certain to give you really creepy looks!

And the animal options? Why not try bright blue cat eyes or the amber glare of the werewolf? The options are endless when it comes to dressing up your eyes!

Why Shop With Us?

We understand that you busy people of the modern world tend to look at old and well-known websites when shopping online, like eBay and Amazon, and it can be tough to convince people to change their ways. What we can promise though is a brilliant customer care team, readily available to answer all questions and issues, before, during, and after making a purchase with us. We also offer fast delivery, as quick as the next day for our UK customers, which is great when you need lenses in a hurry.

Our range is full of exciting options, and we can offer lenses that come with a variety of durations. We can tailor to your needs depending on whether you want to use your lenses once, for 30 or 90 days or even a full year! So regular cosplayers and fashionistas who change their look regularly can save a fortune with our range of cheap reusable contacts.

Our select brands only provide the highest quality lenses, made in the UK and FDA approved. Although our lenses are non-prescription, your safety is important to us and so we recommend a trip to your optometrist to check you won’t have any issue using cosmetic lenses.

So be sure to take the plunge on Coloured Contacts’ fashion-friendly lenses!