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If you want to change up your eye colour, but you want your overall look to continue looking natural and realistic, you should be checking out our natural contact lens range. Our range has plenty of colours to choose from including natural bluegreen, and brown contacts. We are also proud to offer a huge variety of designs, which are available in our natural shades. We’re hoping to provide you with a look that’s so realistic, you might fool even your family or friends! No matter what colour you choose, our lenses are a great way to spice up your style without going overboard.

There are many different reasons to consider trying out coloured contacts. If you’ve kept your look the same for many years, trying a new eye colour can help you get more creative, and encourage you to wear new shades and styles. If you have just dyed your hair, you may also want to switch to a new eye colour that looks more natural with the new shade. Maybe you are putting together your Halloween costume or Cosplay outfit and you want to add some extra detail to your fancy dress look.

With our amazing selection of both one-use and reusable contacts, you will be sure to find something that suits your needs perfectly. Our lenses work well on any colour eye as they are specifically designed for brown eyes, so you can wear them without worrying about your naturally dark irises showing through. Regardless of what colour you’re searching for, we have many different shades and styles to browse through.

Fake An Au Naturale Look With Our Lenses

We know that coloured contacts are not always about flashy new colours and designs. Our natural constant lens range is perfect for those of you looking for something a bit more subtle. Our range sports some of the most natural coloured contacts. They are so realistic that you may even forget what your original eye colour looks like! Fashion lenses make it incredibly easy to change up your look as often as you like, so you can go from brown to blue to green, and back again, in a snap!

We have several different ranges of natural contact lenses for you to choose from. One of our favourites options when choosing from our products is the choice of 90-day range. This means you can get your desired natural shade for longer and you won’t need to constantly replenish your favourite shade. In order to suit different needs, all of our contacts are available in different durations. If you only need your contacts for an event, try our 1 day lenses. They are very comfortable and easy to wear, and you can conveniently dispose of them when you’re done.

We are pleased to offer so many different colours of natural shades of colours. All of our lenses are known for being highly pigmented and bright, yet still very natural looking. The colours included in this range are natural blueaquagreyhazelgreen, and brown. All these basic tones really lend themselves to subtly editing your look. These colours come in both single and tri tone designs. The single tone look is smoother and purer, while the tri tone blends a few different shades together for a more complex look. However, there are no bright or boisterous colours here; they are simple yet effective changes to for your eyes to enjoy! Even if you’re simply looking for an additional feature on your fancy dress costume, they’ll be something perfect for you in our vast collection.

Shop Our Amazing Range of Natural Contacts

Here at Coloured Contacts, we are proud to say that all of our contact lenses are designed and manufactured by top brands such as Eyefusion. Eyefusion is one of the most reputable brands on the market, and their contacts are highly durable and last even through repetitive use. When you shop with us, you are not only buying amazing quality brands, you can ensure that they are completely safe and well made, as our lenses are all regulated by the FDA. We review all of our products and only sell the ones of the highest quality.

It should be noted that all of our contact lenses do not contain a prescription. They are for fashion purposes only. We believe that this is important to know because it enables anyone to wear our lenses, regardless of their eyesight. However, if you have never worn contact lenses in the past, we recommend that you consult with an eye doctor before trying them for the first time. This is just to rule out any underlying conditions that could cause problems when wearing the contacts. You should look fantastic in a new pair of our natural shade coloured contacts, but you should also be safe!

You’ll be delighted to know that shopping with us online is very easy. Gone are the days of frantically searching through costume shops, trying to find the exact lens you want. With our site, you can relax and browse through everything we have on offer before making your final decision. You can also rest easy knowing that you are getting a great deal on lenses. We offer a wide range of shipping options to ensure that you get them as soon as possible. You can even request next day delivery if you live in the UK. Finally, if you are having some trouble navigating our site, you can always contact our incredible customer support team for help.