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When it comes to using natural coloured contact lenses, we here at Coloured Contacts have all the information you could possibly need! Many people prefer accessorising with coloured contact lenses while still maintaining that complete natural look. This is exactly what we are catering for with our natural coloured contact range, as many of our colours and styles are specifically designed to mimic the natural look of the iris colored part of the eye. Our collection of natural shade lenses is highly expansive as we have a wide variety of lenses that will give you that natural vibe you are looking for and with so many different options, you will be completely spoilt for choice.

Featuring bold color pigments that transform the darkest of eyes, we have many lenses that have a perfectly natural look single tone finish and the misty colored contact lenses that have a dual color sunburst style finish and transform the eyes into velvety violet shade. With a huge variety of colours from natural bluegreybrown and even green, it will be difficult for you to not fall in love with one the great products we have to offer. We have a large variety of looks that will flatter your gaze, give you confidence and best of all make you stand out in a crowd. With different soft tones and shades, you can choose from simple basic colours and shades, to some varied tones which are made to look like the most natural of eye colours, which inlcudes fantastic shades like natural blue. From a quick night out, a Halloween party to a new look, our range of products will suit one of your many needs. Have a look through our collection, who would resist something so natural and realistic that still looks glamorous?

Eye Care Comes First

We are very serious here at Coloured Contacts about keeping your eyes clean and healthy. Your eyes are very precious, and sticking in a lens is a task that should be done both hygienically and safely. We always recommend that our customers consult their optician or an eye care professional. Our lenses are non-prescription meaning they are non-corrective, but a visit to the optician ensures that your eyes are already healthy and will take well to wearing a new pair of contact lenses. All of our natural contact lenses are purely for cosmetic use and therefore do not impair visibility in any way.

As we want your eyes to remain healthy while using our products it is essential that all of our customers follow a strict regime when preparing to wear our contact lenses. Whether it be washing your hands in warm soapy water or properly storing in contacts in a sterile container and solution, these are all stages which should be strictly followed. Sometimes we forget to pop out our contact lenses before swimming or getting in the hot tub, which can both be dangerous for your eyes. Be vigilant! We want to you have a very positive experience shopping with us and using our products, so to avoid eye infection, the steps to clean contacts have to be taken without fault!

Another common mistake when using cosmetic contact lenses is the wear of them after their recommended duration date. We are pleased to offer all our natural coloured contacts range in either 1-day30-day or 90-day duration period. This means you can choose lenses for that one-off special occasion or you can purchase lenses more suitable for a longer use. It is important to keep in mind the expiration dates, as each specific lens will not be designed to last longer than its expiry date! If you have reached an expiry date then don’t fret, it is a quick cheap and easy fix to get your hands on a new pair of natural coloured contacts. You could replenish the pair you know and love or go and try something new, there are so many different colours and designs to choose from.

In addition, we only want the very best for your eyes, which means we only stock the very best. We stock our natural contact lenses collection with big brands such as Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT). Their products are renowned for using only the highest quality of materials. The lightweight yet durable materials are designed to keep your eyes hydrated and comfortable, so you can wear them for longer without issue. To further assure you, all the coloured contacts that we sell are made in accordance with ISO regulations and are also 100% FDA approved. So if you’re concerned about not shopping with a well-known retailer such as Amazon or Freshlook, be reassured that by shopping with us, you’re in very safe hands.

Top Customer Service At Coloured Contacts

We are passionate about providing a superb customer service and want all of our customers to know that we have a dedicated and experienced team on hand to answer any questions and help with any queries you have. Don’t go in blind when trying to insert a new pair of natural colour contacts, we have many resources and ideas to help you get the right look for you whilst still keeping your eyes at optimum health. For the convenience of our UK customers, we offer a speedy next day delivery option for everyone who wants to sport their newest look as soon as possible!