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If you're looking to buy coloured contact lenses online, Coloured Contacts has a huge variety of styles, colours and designs available in several different duration of wear options. So if you're after Halloween contact lenses, why not pick up a pair of disposable daily lenses for one night? If you're a regular Cosplayer or you're just popular enough to be invited to every fancy dress party, get yourself some reusable coloured contact lenses! We offer monthly coloured contacts, 90 day contact lenses or even 1 year contact lenses which are designed for those that like to switch up their look regularly.

From top cosmetic contact lens brands like Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), we stock high quality lenses that are safe to wear and easy-to-use. With health and safety at the forefront, our array of reliable brands means you can invest in the perfect pair of coloured contacts to wear again and again.

Not sure which is the right duration of wear option for you? It all depends on what you want your coloured contacts for! If you are looking for zombie contact lenses, creepy contacts or vampire contacts to take your Halloween costume to the next level, you're probably more suited to a pair of daily contact lenses that can simply be thrown away once you're done scaring people. These disposable contact lenses are convenient and easy to remove, which is great news when you come home a little worse for wear and are too tired to faff around storing your lenses. So for a low-maintenance and fuss-free way to experiment with coloured contacts, try a pair of daily coloured contact lenses from one of our great brands.

Daily Coloured Contact Lenses = Perfect For Halloween!

If, however, you are a Cosplay enthusiast, why not invest in a versatile pair of coloured contact lenses that you can use again and again for all manner of outfits. Our 1 year contact lenses are great value for money if you're likely to wear your contacts multiple times and when you buy yearly coloured contact lenses online from Coloured Contacts you also get a handy storage pot to keep your lenses safe; use this along with a reputable saline solution to keep your lenses in tip top condition in between wears. Storing cosmetic contact lenses correctly is vitally important for maintaining your eye health and by following the included care instructions you can ensure you have a safe and comfortable wearing experience.

Party animals will love our selection of UV contact lenses which allow you to light up the night in the blink of an eye! With loads of colours to choose from, our ultra violet contact lenses are some of the most eye-catching cosmetic contact lenses we sell; so finish off your fancy dress with some glow-in-the-dark lenses or even accessorise for a night on the town with our UV eye colours!

Whilst out-there designs like zombie contacts, vampire contacts and UV contacts are all popular options, at Coloured Contacts we also have a fantastic range of natural coloured contact lenses! These cosmetic lenses come in more subtle styles and colours which make them perfect as a cosmetic accessory that you can use day-to-day to switch up your look. If you've always wondered what it would be like to have blue eyes, try some of our blue contact lenses or get pretty green peepers in some green contacts. Whatever colour you prefer, these natural coloured contact lenses also come in various durations of wear, so if you like the look of yourself with brown eyes, why not make them a regular thing with our monthly coloured contact lenses or go even further with our 90 day contacts?

Wear Monthly Coloured Contact Lenses Again & Again

Whether you're looking for natural coloured contact lenses or party contact lenses, Coloured Contacts is sure to have the perfect design, and with a choice of daily, monthly, 90 day or 1 year all available at affordable prices, this is the place to be. By buying coloured contact lenses online with a cheap price tag and reliable quality, you can avoid all the hassle of traipsing the high street trying to find the perfect finishing touch to your fancy dress, giving you more time to prep for the party! 

So browse our full range of 1 day contact lenses, 30 day contact lenses, 90 day contact lenses and 1 year contact lenses if you fancy seeing the world through different eyes!