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Looking for a sophisticated look to complement either your daily outfit or even your party wear? Then look no further than Coloured Contact's range of hazel lenses!

A range of classy non-prescription lenses, the extensive choices of hazel lenses at Coloured Contacts will allow you to achieve that look you've always been dreaming of! Our colored lenses are trendy and the ultimate way to give you an up-to-date lookwhatever the occasion may be!

Natural Looking Lenses for All Occasions

Transform your eyes with our unrivalled non-prescription Hazel lenses.

These are fashionable contacts are made with the customer in mind, ensuring that your style looks as unique as possible! Suitable for all eye colors, even those with lighter shaded eyes such as green and blue, our range of hazel contacts are perfect for everyone. Manufactured to ensure that no natural eye color bleeds out from behind the lens, Coloured Contacts is able to assure that your look remains as natural and realistic as possible!

Whether you're seeking a pair of hazel lenses to fulfil your lengthy dream of having hazel or light brown colored eyes, or whether you're seeking the finishing touch to your impromptu party ensemble - Coloured Contacts has you covered!

Our One Tone hazel colored lenses are ideal for those seeking to reinvent their look. With subtle hazel tones, these lenses are super realistic and natural looking, rounding off any look you're going for - as part of your daily outfit or evening wear! If you're seeking something with a little more intensity then rest assured, our range of Two and Three Tone lenses are sure to quench your thirst! Slightly more complex looking than the Single Tone lenses, these intricate looking hazel lenses will be sure to captivate all that catch your eye!

Not one for subtlety we hear you say? Then fear not, the range of available hazel lenses doesn't end there! If you're seeking a pair of lenses that ensures your look stands out from the crowd, then why not check out our range of Big Eye hazel lenses we have available. Providing your stare with that little extra dramatic definition, these lenses will ensure your gaze isn't missed!

Regardless of whether you're looking for a fast and effective manner to change your eye color in an instant, or whether you're looking for something to complete your dream ensemble - our lenses are perfect for all natural eye colors and skin tones! There really is no stopping you from achieving your dream look!

Blend Of Comfort and Style

By doing all the leg work for you, here at Coloured Con, acts we are able to provide you with the best variety of products for the best possible price. By offering competitive prices against the same products sold by companies such as eBay and Amazon, we are able to make your shopping experience much easier yet with as much choice as possible! In doing so, we provide you with the greatest freedom to experiment and try out as many styles as yourself and your wardrobe desire!

Eyefusion, formerly known as Edit, are one of the UK's largest manufacturers of contact lenses. Through choosing to stock their lenses, Coloured Contacts is able to provide the best possible service to its customers. Worried about the quality of your contact lenses? Then you can rest assured because Eyefusion are FDA approved, providing contact lenses that are manufactured with 100% non-hazardous materials. When it comes to hazel lenses, your eyes really are in the best hands!

Unlike larger corporations such as Vision Express and Specsavers, all of our contact lenses at Coloured Contacts, including our hazel lenses, are sold on a non-prescription basis - ensuring you more freedom to try out as many styles as you desire! Furthermore, we offer a number of different schedule plans to help you perfect your look for longer. For example, across our range of contact lenses, we offer plans suitable for 1 Day, 30 Day, 90 Day, and even plans suitable for 1 Year wear, meaning if you like the uniqueness of a particular look, then you won't ever have to give it up!

So, if you've been dreaming of having a pair of warming, copper autumnal eyes - then hazel lenses are most definitely for you! Don't delay, get your hands on a pair of these stunning, cost effective lenses to complete your dream look!