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Are you looking for styling ideas for anime coloured contact lenses? Want some inspiration for incorporating them into your anime look? Then you're in the right place!

Here at Coloured Contacts, we know a thing or two about creating amazing looks based on our range of anime lenses. From everyday-appropriate looks that subtly pay homage to the anime genre to loud and proud, show-stopping ensembles, there's no limit to the number of amazing anime looks you can try out! Anime contacts are a cheap and effective way of bringing some authenticity to your Cosplay conventions, costume parties or just for your own personal use! Anime fashion lenses are quickly gaining in popularity and are especially popular with consumers looking to jazz up their fancy dress outfits, be it for a Halloween party or for Comicon. If you are looking to step up your anime look, bag yourself some eye-catching anime contact lenses today!

Cool & Crazy Costumes

Here at Coloured Contacts, we have lots of costume ideas for anime coloured contact lenses. Look through our styles and you will discover that we have so many different lenses to suit your needs! From animal lenses to blind contact lenses which creates one pool of colour over the eye, mesh and screen lenses to UV lenses, special effect lenses, zombie styles and a veritable smorgasbord of natural eye colours.

Need inspiration? Need ideas for anime coloured contact lenses? Then check out our fave ideas for size:

If you are looking to Cosplay as a character from Naruto*, then why not try our Kakashi lenses! These lenses have a black and red sharingen pattern, perfect for anyone who wants to pay homage to the iconic ninja. The Kakashi lenses are one of our most popular styles and are an essential accessory for anyone wanting unleash the shinobi within. These fashion contact lenses are reusable for up to 90 days (3 months), so they're perfect if you are going to several Cosplay or costume events this season. Pair these lenses with a black jumpsuit, a khaki combat vest and a spiky silver wig for full effect.

  • If you're more inspired by characters like Jiji from Kiki's Delivery Service, Train Heartnet from Black Cat or Shen Long from Dragon Ball Z, then be sure to check out our selection of animal lenses! With some purr-fect cat eye lenses and ferocious dragon contacts, you can be sure to release the animal within! These coloured lenses make a great statement when paired with a creature inspired costume and provide a stylish and realistic finishing touch. Wanna add a freaky feline twist to your everyday ensemble? Then why not try out a pair of cats eye contacts in the same shade as your natural eye colour? You're sure to turn heads when you sport this a-meow-zing and unusual look!

  • Perhaps you're looking for something with a little more get-up-and-glow? Look no further than our UV lenses! Available in a variety of different colours, these ultraviolet lenses also come in a selection of different patterns to add some texture to your stare. Dressing up as Jibril from No Game No Life? Then grab a pair of our golden yellow UV lenses to recreate her magical stare. Our pure white lenses are great for adding a touch of mechanical magnificence to an Alphonse Eric (After the alchemical accident, obviously) style costume, or to add an eerie, menacing edge to a Ryuk inspired look.

Whatever style of anime lenses you choose to use, you can be sure to create an amazing new look!

Don't have a prescription? Don't worry about it! All of our contact lenses that we sell here at Coloured Contacts are non-corrective, so you can show off a big anime-eyed stare without any affect on your vision. Our lenses are great for anyone who doesn't require spectacles or corrective contact lenses, as you can simply pop them in and experience a bold new colour change. Before you order, make sure to visit an optician or optometrist to verify the health of your eyes and determine that you’re a suitable candidate to wear cosmetic contact lenses. What's more, as our prices are kept low, you can experiment to your heart's content without going broke! The hardest part of ordering your anime coloured contact lenses from us is choosing which pair you'll try out first!

Not only do we offer a huge variety of anime contact lenses, but we also pride ourselves on our ability to source coloured fashion lenses from UK based including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), so you can be safe in the knowledge that our products are the best of British and are safe and easy to use.

Another great thing about our anime lenses is that they are perfectly suitable for dark eyes, as they feature richly pigmented colours and great coverage. Our coloured fashion contacts are great for people who have trouble finding vibrant lenses which will cover darker eyes. Our extensive range of anime contacts are the ideal solution for dark eyes, covering the iris with a pool of luminous colour and giving the wearer a fresh look. Check out Coloured Contacts to see our extensive choice of coloured lenses, which also look great with any complexion, from fair skin to darker skin tones!

Amazing Anime Eyes

Whether you’re looking for a cheap accessory for an anime or Cosplay event, for accessorising your costume at Halloween or new year's eve or simply to enhance your everyday look, here at Coloured Contacts we offer an unbeatable variety of fashion contacts for all your needs. If you’re strictly after lenses that will last the night, our single-use1 day contact lenses are the best option for you; giving you the option to rock a crazy anime look for one night only and to dispose of them once you’re finished tantalizing your audience with those big old peepers!

However, if you plan on attending several different fancy dress parties or anime events this season, particularly over the Halloween or holiday period, then why not treat yourself to an accessory that you can wear again and again with a pair of 90 day reusable contacts? We know that even 90 days might not be enough for regular Cosplayers or those wanting to show what they are made of and express their style and identity all year round, which is why we also offer a range of anime contact lenses with a 1 year reusable design; giving you plenty of opportunities to make an impression!

So instead of stalking through the high street looking for fancy dress accessories in your average joke or costume shop, simply buy anime contacts online from Coloured Contacts this season. Don't forget, when you shop at Coloured Contacts you are not only experiencing our large range of designs from reputable UK brands, but you will also be in the hands of our brilliant customer care team that are always there to serve the client! In addition, customers in the UK can also take advantage of our highly efficient next day delivery options, great for partying on impulse! Save yourself the work of having to deal with independent sellers and long wait times using online marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon and shot with Coloured Contacts today!