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Searching for the perfect new accessory to complete your costume? Fancy a bright and brave new look? Then we've got just the thing for you! Wanna know how to achieve the look of your dreams in an instant? We've got five simple words for you: get white eyes contact lenses!

Coloured contacts are a cheap and effective way of bringing some authenticity to your outfit, costume parties or just for your own personal use. Coloured fashion lenses are quickly gaining in popularity and are really taking off with consumers looking to change up their fancy dress outfits, be it for a party of for an event like Comicon. If you are looking to step up your look, get white eyes contact lenses today and take your costume from blah to banging in a heartbeat!

It'll Be All White On The Night

Our white coloured fashion lenses are intentionally designed to bring an authentic look to your eyes and give you a really dramatic look which will be sure to turn some heads and get you noticed. With many different design options to choose from and a wide range of lenses from full sclerameshUV and blind, when you get white eyes contact lenses you can even mix and match your pairs to customise your look and make something truly unique.

Take a look through our range of unique coloured lenses and you will find a plethora or styles and colours to suit all your costume needs! If you check out the Colour section of our website, you will find many lenses suitable for the fancy dress newbie to the veteran Cosplayer. You will see that we stock many different styles of white contacts including Wolf Contacts, Vampire Contacts and Cosplay Contacts. Coloured Contacts is bound to have the suitable contact lenses to suit your needs. Our contact lenses come in a great variety of designs and are also adaptable to Halloween parties and all fancy dress occasions.

So get into character and grab yourself a pair of white lenses from our fantastic range of coloured contact lenses and you will not be disappointed. Coloured fashion lenses are the perfect companion for cosplay enthusiasts allowing you to recreate the aesthetic of your favourite anime and manga characters to the smallest detail. White contact lenses would also be a quirky and fun idea for daily wear. We also have a larger selection of Everyday contact lenses, Costume contact lenses, Halloween contact lenses, New Years contact lenses, Party contact lenses and Cosplay contact lenses. Here at Coloured Contacts, the choice is endless!

Whichever coloured fashion lenses you chose to wear, all of our contact lenses that we sell here at Coloured Contacts are non-prescription, so you can show off a big white-eyed stare without affecting your sight in any negative way. This means that you will not require corrective lenses, so you can swap and change fashion lenses as much as you like. You can experiment with all of our fashion looks at a great value price by pursuing through all of our ranges! Before you order, make sure to visit an optician or optometrist to verify the health of your eyes and determine that you’re a suitable candidate to wear cosmetic contact lenses.

Pick Your Perfect Pair

Not only do we offer a huge variety of coloured contact lenses, but we also pride ourselves on our ability to source coloured fashion lenses from UK only brands including Eyefusion (formerly known as EDIT), so you can be safe in the knowledge that our products are the best of British and are safe and easy to use.

Another great thing about Coloured Contacts is that our lenses are perfectly suitable for brown eyes, as they feature richly pigmented hues and colour blends to create a great coverage finish. Our coloured fashion contacts are great for people who have trouble finding vibrant lenses which will cover darker eyes. Our extensive range of coloured contacts are the ideal solution for dark eyes, covering the iris and pupil with a pool of luminous colour and giving the wearer a fresh new look. Check out Coloured Contacts to see our extensive choice of coloured lenses, which also look great with fair skin!

Whether you’re looking for a cheap accessory for an Anime and Cosplay event, for Halloween, NYE or simply to enhance your everyday look, here at Coloured Contacts we offer a brilliant variety of fashion contacts for all your needs. If you’re strictly after lenses that will last the night, our single-use, 1-day contact lenses will be the best option for you; giving you the option to rock a crazy zombie-eyed look for one night only and to dispose of them once you’ve finished tantalising your audience with those big old peepers!

However, if you plan on attending several different fancy dress parties or Anime and Cosplay events this season, particularly over the Halloween or holiday period, then why not treat yourself to an accessory that you can wear again and again with a pair of 90-day reusable contacts? We know that even 90 days might not be enough for regular fancy-dressers or those wanting to show what they are made of and express their style and identity all year round, which is why we also offer a range of white contact lenses with a 1 year reusable design; giving you plenty of opportunities to make an impression!

So instead of stalking through the high street looking for fancy dress accessories in your average Joke or Costume shop, simply buy white contacts online from Coloured Contacts this season. Don't forget, when you shop at Coloured Contacts you are not only experiencing our large range of designs from reputable UK brands, but you will also be in the hands of our brilliant customer care team that are always there to serve the client! In addition, customers in the UK can also take advantage of our highly efficient next day delivery options, great for partying on impulse! Skip Specsaversget white eyes contact lenses at Coloured Contacts today!