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Looking to buy white coloured contact lenses? Want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck? Then you're in the right place!

Buying white lenses can be a tricky task, as they’re such a dramatic and different, original choice. They can be a hard look to pull off, which is why you need to shop with someone that provides an amazing range of choice and customer support. Just because this look is daring, doesn’t mean it’s not for you, and there are plenty of ways to experiment – for a full-fledged daredevil who would be willing to wear a white eyed look on a regular basis, to a closeted fashionista who is only ready to dip their toes into white eyed waters, and wear them for Halloween only!

Superior Products & Incredible Prices

Here at Coloured Contacts, we love every single one of our gorgeous customers and that’s why we want to make sure you get the perfect pair of lenses. Unlike when you buy white coloured contact lenses from third party websites like eBay or Amazon, with Coloured Contacts we have an amazing customer service team, who are more than happy to help you before, during, and after your purchase. We’re happy to give advice, and help you seek out the perfect pair of lenses to change up your peepers!

As well as our awesome customer service, we can also offer super speedy delivery to our UK customers; even next day delivery is available! So, when you’ve accidentally left shopping for a party or Halloween to the very last minute, don’t rush around the crowded high street looking for last minute solutions, instead sit back, relax and browse through our extensive range of lenses, which will be delivered to your door the next day!

We’re also an amazing option as we just have more options than our competitors – and we don’t just mean concerning styles, which we’ll talk about later. We have lenses available to suit every fashion forward lady or gent – whether you’re after a one-off fancy dress costume, you cosplay regularly, or like mixing up your look frequently. We have lenses that are suitable for one-day one-off use only, then others that are reusable for thirty days, ninety days, or even a full year! This means that regular Cosplayers who would wear lenses more than once can save a fortune, and we have an option for style chameleons that mixes up their look without breaking the bank.

And the final reason you should shop with us rather than anywhere else? We only stock the best brands. While on eBay or Amazon, you might be buying from third parties from anywhere in the world, all of the lenses we stock only come from high-quality brands such as Eyefusion. Eyefusion uses only the highest quality materials, and manufacture their lenses in the UK, following the highest safety standards.

Walk on the White Side

All of our lenses are fabulous, but we really do have a thing for the white ones! There are a whole variety of white options, for example, mesh, which is all white with no pupil, and provides a really futuristic look which is perfect for a space age costume! Think of how much of a difference the lenses would make – your eyes are the first place people will look, and so some instant drama is added to your costume in a totally affordable way!

There aren’t exactly natural options when it comes to white lenses, but there are choices in the natural eye shape – with a white iris around a black pupil. There are also lenses with a tiny pupil and extended iris, and even UV styles. The white can provide a totally dramatic effect, especially when it lights up the darkness! Perfect as an addition to a party outfit that’s meant to grab attention.

As well as mesh and UV, there are styles to make you look blind, and zombie effect contacts for an awesome Halloween costume! The reusable white contact lenses provide a huge range of effects to suit every costume! From a haunted school girl to a possessed demon or a straight up zombie, the white lenses are a perfect addition to any Halloween costume. They’re ghostly and scary, which is ideal for the spookiest night of the year!

And as well as fancy dress options, white lenses can also be used as a fashion accessory. As a chic and minimalist addition to a look that’s straight off the runway, reusable white contact lenses can transform your little black dress from an everyday classic look to a fashion forward, edgy statement outfit.

If white doesn’t tickle your pickle, then fear not, dear shoppers, as we have a whole host of other fashion contacts for you to choose from. While we love the all white look, many of our lenses can provide a fresh look. From our natural range that comes in blues, greens, and browns, in a multitude of tones and intensities, the choices don’t end there.

While we have mesh lenses in all white with no pupil, they’re also available in a bunch of other colours, and there are UV reactive options available too! UV lenses come in mesh styles, amongst others, and while white is a great option, vibrant blues, greens, and oranges, also provide a ravishing raving look. For many people, our animal range is the most unique, featuring styles in all kinds of colours and shapes. For example, the lizard styles are green and yellow, and then there are cat's eyes with vertical slits in luscious baby blue, or even wolf and werewolf options in gold, amber, and brown. The options are endless for both fashion and fancy dress! So if you don’t love reusable white contact lenses as much as we do feel free to explore the rest of our extensive range!

None of our lenses require a prescription, however, we still must insist that you consult an optician before using them, to make sure there will be no negative effect on your eyes, and you understand proper application and aftercare.

What are you waiting for? Explore our range from the comfort of your own home and buy white coloured contact lenses to experiment with our affordable and original styles!