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If you’re bored with your god-given eye colour, then why not experiment with your look? Coloured contact lenses are an inexpensive, quick and easy way to overhaul your gaze, so why not get aqua eyes contact lensesand open a whole world of exciting new looks!

With styles to suit all tastes, styles and occasions, we’ve got one of the most extensive collections of aqua lenses online in the UK. If you’ve ever wondered what you’d look like with a pair of rich and vibrant light blue peepers, then take the plunge and get aqua eyes contact lenses to showcase a whole new you!

Get In On All The Aqua Action!

Always wanted to wear a pair of beautiful blue contact lenses or do you feel like experimenting with blue? Well, why not try our striking aqua shade of colour lens? Aqua-blue is a breathtakingly intense light blue shade that is the colour of the sky and sea. So, be dazzling and spectacular when you flash your sparkling glittering blue eyes!

Angelic blue eyes have always captured the imagination of people through the ages. Let’s face it, everyone is fascinated by a pair of baby-blues! Our aqua shade of blue is simply stunning and will definitely bring some glamour into your life! It is exceptionally pleasing to the eye and conjures up images of sparkling blue diamonds! Aqua coloured lenses are designed for people with eyes of all different colours, and work just as well for dark eyes. They have been created to look amazing on all skin tones, and are great for fair skin as well as for dark skin. All our blue colour shades are specially formulated with such rich pigment that they have the same effect on brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes, and every other colour of the rainbow!

We invite you to view our contacts by taking a virtual scroll through our eye-catching designs and choose from our remarkable display of colours, styles, and special effects lenses. The aqua range of lenses has such exciting shades as One Tone Aqua, Two Tone Aqua, Tri Tone Aqua, Mystic Aqua and Cat’s Eye contacts. These cosmetic lenses are perfect for everyday wear or just as a pair of going out lenses. Unveil your gorgeous new look in time for special occasions such as HalloweenNew Year’s Eve or Cosplay** conventions.

With several different use durations available, you can be sure find a pair to suit your needs when you shop with us. If you’ll only need your lenses as a one off accessory or you’re looking to test the waters before ordering something with a longer use duration, then you’re sure to love our single use lenses! These disposable contacts last for 1 day, making them a commitment free way to experiment with a new look. Found your perfect style? Want to ensure you always have a bold style right at your fingertips? Then our range of reusable contacts are just what you need! With 30 day90 day or 1 year use durations available, you can keep your stylish stare on lock for longer!

Styles That Won’t Break The Bank

Worried that you’ll order the wrong strength when buying your aqua lenses? Concerned your lenses may compromise your vision? Think again! Our lenses are completely non-corrective, so you won’t need a prescription, as they won’t alter your vision in any way. With nothing more than a cosmetic colour change achieved, you can be sure to still see completely normally. Even if you do not typically require corrective lenses to see clearly, we still advise paying a visit to an optician, optometrist or healthcare professional before you get aqua eyes contact lenses. This is so you can have a thorough eye examination (Thereby determining your suitability to wear the lenses) and learn the correct insertion, removal and aftercare procedures to ensure your lenses are kept in tip top condition.

Need your lenses in a hurry? Then we’ve got your back! We offer plenty of speedy delivery options for your convenience, as well as simple payment options. With international delivery in as little as 2-3 business days and lightning fast next day delivery for UK mainland customers, you’ll always be party ready when you shop with us! Plus, we have an amazing customer services team on hand day or night to answer any questions or queries you may have, so don’t hesitate to contact us should you need any help or advice.

Worried about compromising safety for style? That’s simply not the case here at Coloured Contacts! We understand that contacts not only have to look good, but feel good too. This is why we only purchase lenses from reputable manufacturers such as Eyefusion (Formerly known as EDIT), as their lenses are FDA approved and produced under ISO guidelines using high quality materials. With a high water content to keep your eyes feeling fresh and hydrated all day long, bold and vibrant colour pigments for complete colour coverage and a lightweight construction, our aqua lenses feel and look so good, you may even forget you’re wearing them! Plus, all of our cosmetic contact lenses come in a sealed case with eye-safe solution, keeping them in pristine condition until you’re ready to wear them.

So, instead of trawling Amazon or eBay for your new look, why not get aqua eyes contact lenses here at Coloured Contacts? With unbeatable prices, high quality products and a fantastic selection of styles, you won’t need to look anywhere else for your fashion lenses!