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Looking for lenses that'll help you to create a possessed look? Want something that'll take your Halloween costume from normal to nightmarish in the blink of an eye? Then look no further than our demon contact lens range, perfect for completing any eerie ensemble!

Unleash Your Dark Side With Our Demon Contact Lens Range!

Can't decide which item from our demon contact lens range to start with first? Let us provide you with some spine chilling inspiration:

  • Black Eyed Child
  • Slender Man
  • Preacher (From the Garth Ennis graphic novel)
  • Zombie

Great for completing all manner of nightmarish costumes, a pair of full black eye contacts will enable you to create a fiendish stare unlike any other. With a completely blacked out appearance, After all, if the eyes are the window to the soul, what could be creepier than completely covering them up? If this style doesn't float your boat , we've got stacks of different options for you to choose from! Our demon contact lens range includes:

  • Full Sclera Lenses: Unlike traditional contacts that cover the iris, these lenses cover the entire eye to create a blanked out appearance. Perfect for bringing an unnerving edge to your look, these lenses are guaranteed to turn heads. With white, red and black sclera lenses available, there's no limit to the creepy looks you can create with these contacts!
  • Red Contacts: There's no better way to achieve a spine-chilling new look than with a pair of blood red lenses! If you're looking to create a classic demonic look, then these are the lenses for you.
  • Milky Lenses: Create an un-dead look with a pair of freaky milky contacts! Great for adding a mysterious edge to your ensemble, these cloudy lenses will give you an unexpectedly menacing gaze...(Hey, if they're good enough for Marilyn Manson, they're good enough for us!)
  • Black Contacts: Turn to Creepypasta for inspiration and create a possessed black eyed look with a pair of our solid black lenses! Whether you opt for blind contacts, mesh lenses or a mini sclera style, you can be sure to be the beholder of the freakiest gaze on the block!
  • Patterned Contacts: Great worn as a pair or mixed and matched with other designs, patterned lenses are a great way to achieve a supremely spooky look! With designs including skullsflames and blood splatter, you'll never be short of costume inspiration when you wear these contacts!

Finding it difficult to find demon contact lenses that are suitable for dark eyes? Then look no further! Unlike cheaper imitations, our lenses will entirely conceal your original eye colour, as each pair of lenses we sell feature colour rich, vivid pigments to ensure that your stare is completely transformed.

No prescription? No problem! Our demon contact lens range is completely non-corrective, so you don't need a prescription to order a pair. Please bear in mind that we advise seeking advice from an optician, optometrist or health care practitioner prior to use, even if you don't normally wear any form of corrective lenses (Either glasses or prescription contact lenses). This is a vital step, as it will allow your eye doctor to assess the health of your eyes, thereby determining your suitability to wear the lenses.

Fantastically Freaky Designs at Low Prices

Here at Coloured Contacts, we know that when you wear a pair of demon contact lenses, you want to make sure that they'll scare the pants off your friends and family. This is why we've hand-picked a selection of the most gruesome designs on the market, perfect for any spooky occasion! With so many options available, the hardest choice you'll have to make is deciding which pair to order first...Plus, our prices are competitively low, so you can be assured that you'll never pay over the odds for your lenses. With styles you simply won't find on Amazon or eBay at seriously cheap prices, there's simply no better place to shop online for your demon lenses!

By now, you may be thinking, "I know these lenses look amazing, but are they comfortable and safe?", so here's the low-down on our demon contact lens range:

  • We only stock lenses from the biggest brands on the market (Such as Eyefusion) to ensure that the products we stock are of the highest possible quality.
  • Because our lenses are manufactured by reputable brands, they are made from high-quality materials that make them soft and comfortable to wear.
  • Our lenses have been approved by the FDA, so you can be sure that you're purchasing a safe, genuine product.

Whether you're looking for full eye cheap lenses, spooky black sclera contacts or bloody red blind lenses, you can be sure to find your perfect pair without breaking the bank! With a range that rivals that of Freshlook, you can be certain to stand out from the crowd when you shop our demon contact lens range!