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Are you unsure about how to start using silver contact lenses? Here we have an ample amount of information regarding how you can utilise a pair of coloured contact lenses as well as all the important care information you should know if you want to start using cosmetic contact lenses. It is possible for everyone to find a use for our range of silver contact lenses. Silver is a colour that blends well with light and dark coloured eyes, so you never have to worry about your regular eye colour peeking through the lens pigmentation. Our stylish metallic silver designs also pair well with very fair skin, which is something that other colours just can’t do!

With such a large selection of fashion lenses, it may seem an impossible task to decide which pair will look the best for you. The great news is that you don’t have to choose just one pair; our affordable pricing makes it possible to pick and choose from a huge variety designs and colours. Our team here at Coloured Contacts has an abundance of suggestions as to how you can implement your new set of contacts into a new outfit. As one of the top distributors of coloured contact lenses, you can be assured that we know what we are talking about and can rely on our suggestions!

We are confident that our selection of sleek silver lenses is of a quality comparable with top sellers Amazon and Fresh Look. We offer a huge selection of fashion lenses from brands such as Eyefusion, which are non-prescription and purely for cosmetic use. With plenty of experience with contact lenses, Coloured Contacts is a household brand that is here to stay. We will proudly continue to provide you quality service and fashion forward lens products for years to come.

Making Our Lenses Work For You

Silver contacts can be the perfect way to enhance your everyday look. The silver contacts come in a variety of shades starting at light silver and transitioning all the way down the colour scale to a bold darker version too. We also offer styles that have a mirrored look. If you're going for an anything but average look, our metallic coloured lenses will certainly have your friends questioning how your eyes look so awesome! When it comes to planning exciting new costumes and looks, using silver coloured contacts will add a completely new level of style to any outfit or fancy dress idea. These lenses are the perfect way to ensure you look the part at all of your upcoming fancy dress events. If your mind is already reeling from ideas, we’ve got a list of suggestions about how you could start using silver contact lenses in a new outfit idea!

  • Use them every day! Yes, you read that correctly, our silver coloured contact lenses are suitable for daily use! The 90-day duration on our products mean you can use the silver contact lenses again and again on a daily basis. You can add a steely stare to any day-to-day outfit which you feel needs a bit of jazzing up. The metallic finish in the coloured contacts will look fantastic with a silvery outfit or will bring out the tones in any metallic gold eyeshadow or makeup. Transform the daily boring look with a dazzling gaze that is certain to impress.

  • Halloween is always a perfect time of year to experiment with different styles of coloured contact lenses. As the silver coloured contacts give a shiny finish to your eyes, they lend themselves to any vacant undead look or the mysterious piercing gaze of an unknown being. Perhaps an evil ancient witch is your choice of fancy dress costume this year, the cold eyes of this magical being would go perfectly with a messy grey wig and heavy makeup, for a chilling and unsettling look.

But these suggestions are not a complete list of all the possible silver contact lens ideas. We at Coloured Contacts encourage you to experiment with alternative and different styles. With so many styles to choose from, as well as a wealth of costume ideas, finding a completely new and unique look could not be easier.

Maintenance and Care of Your Silver Contact Lenses

Now before you go ahead and purchase your new pair of silver metallic contact lenses, we urge you to read carefully about proper maintenance procedures. The team at Coloured Contacts wants to make sure your experience with our sleek silver lenses is a healthy and positive one.

Before ordering non-prescription fashion lenses, it is very important to consult an optician or eye care professional. A professional’s opinion will let you know if your eyes are healthy and are suitable for using coloured contact lenses. However, since our all of our products are made from the highest quality materials, using silver contact lenses could not be easier. After placing your order, it is vital that you learn how to care for the product. To give you an idea about the amount of care you silver contact lenses require we have provided you with a list of some of the basic care instructions below:

  • Washing your hands with soap and water before you handle the product.
  • Removing the product before going in a hot tub or swimming.
  • Properly storing contacts in sterile eyewear solution.
  • Using new contact solution, every time.
  • Sterilising your contact case regularly to prevent infection.
  • Replacing silver contacts after recommended duration (1 day, 30 days, 90 days, etc.)

We cannot stress enough the importance of caring for your contact lenses, and your eyes, in the correct fashion. If the lens products are not adequately cared for, it becomes more likely that an infection could occur. We at Coloured Contacts want your blinkers to look fantastic in a pair of silver contact lenses, but safety and care should always be your top priority.