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Have cats always fascinated you? Have you ever wanted to become a flexible feline? Well, then Get Cat’s Eye Contact Lenses and you’ll be purring with pleasure! Be the cat’s meow with our spectacular kitty-cat novelty lenses! Dial up your contact lenses experience to a whole new level with a pair of cat eyes! Here at Coloured Contacts, we have an amazingly diverse range of contact lenses for you to treat your beautiful eyes too!

Just think how much fun you’ll have sporting a pair of cat’s eye lenses when you go out on the prowl! Tap into your inner tigerpantherlionleopardlynx or house-cat! So go on, be untamed and unleash your wilder instincts.

It would be so cool to add a pair of cat’s eye fashion lenses to your wardrobe and party accessories. Pair them with a cat suit and cat ears and you’ll be a dress-up legend! Get ready to meow, purr, growl, hiss and scratch!

Make everyone’s hair on the back of their neck stand up when they see your predator eyeballs! Transform into any kind of cat that tickles your fancy with yellow cat contactsblue cat contacts and aqua cat contacts among others. Be the cat that got the cream when you unleash those realistic cat’s eye circle lenses in time for those special occasions such as HalloweenNew Year's Eve and fancy-dress parties.

We invite you to go on the hunt by embarking on a virtual scroll through our captivating range designs, of styles, colours. For fans of cat eye lenses, why not pounce on Aqua Cat’s EyeRed Cat’s EyeYellow Cat’s Eye and Yellow Cat UV, to name a few.

Nerdiness is cool these days, so let out your inner cat and take your passion for cosplaying to the next level. Become catlike as often as you like and show the real you.

A Bit More About Our Broad Range

Here at Coloured Contacts, we make sure we keep your eyes satisfied with a variety of styles and designs! You can choose between AnimalZombieBlindMesh & ScreenUltra Violet (UV) and Natural Effect among others. Don’t we all deserve a little of choice in our lives? Don’t we all deserve the opportunity to turn into a zombie for the weekend?

Blind contacts have an opaque appearance that create the illusion that you’re blind, and come in a great variety of colours. Ultra Violet (UV) lenses will brighten your night when they literally glow in the dark! Natural Effect contacts are for people who want to make an ultra-realistic impression... If you’re a blue eyed boy at heart, then why not ditch the hazel?

You can elect to have just your iris covered in Mini Sclera or plaster your whole eye-area for a demonically delicious look in Sclera. Our range of Special Effects contact lenses will be sure to blow you away. Just to mention a portion of some of our awesome, inventive SFX lenses: CobraRainbowHell’s Flame and Bionic Eye. Man, aren’t those names just cool enough to get your heart beating a little faster?

Please note that no prescription is needed to wear our contact lenses. Coloured Contacts provides non-prescription novelty contact lenses that anyone can wear. They are created to work equally well on all people no matter the eye colour – even if a person has especially dark eye. They also look amazing on all skin tones, and perform perfectly for fair skin and dark skin. Our lenses are cheap and economical and therefore won’t break the bank! So why would you purchase contacts anywhere else when you can just conveniently scroll, view, click and order online from Coloured Contacts?

Coloured Contacts Convenience

If you’re a UK client, then you have the benefit of a next day delivery option, which comes in handy if you need a pair of lenses asap for a party or event. In addition, you will receive fine service from our customer care department who will assist with any support queries.

We fully appreciate that contacts must not only fulfil their aesthetic effect, but they must be really comfortable, safe and easy to wear too! Our stock is produced using only high-grade materials. Our stockists are among the best in the UK, with Eyefusion being one of our main suppliers.

Our contact lenses are available in the following durations: 1 day, 30 day, 90 day and 1 year. So you can have a single wear out of them, something semi-permanent, a pair of everyday lenses, and everything in between. Coloured Contacts has your eyes organised for every possibility! All our cosmetic contact lenses come in a sealed case with eye-protection solution, keeping them in mint condition until you’re ready to pop them in!

So treat your eyeballs today and let them join in on your transformation from human to cat. Meow!