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Searching for a pair of aqua contact lenses? Want some lenses that are high quality and affordable? Look no further! We've got one of the biggest ranges of coloured contact lenses online, making us your one-stop shop for non-prescription and prescription coloured contact lenses.

With everything from natural looking everyday lenses to striking cat’s eye contacts and intricately detailed designs, there’s a little something for every taste in our range of aqua coloured contacts. So whether you’re dolling yourself up for a night on the tiles, finishing off a freaky Halloween costume or looking for lenses to kick your Cosplay ensemble up a notch, we’ve got everything you could ever need, all under one roof.

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Unlike the vivid, almost turquoise shades of aqua seen in nature, our aqua coloured lenses come in a cool light blue tone, and are surreally exquisite, with a lustrous jewel-like quality. So bring some glamour into your life, and make your friends envious when you show off your striking elegantly pretty peepers.

If costumes don’t float your boat and you’re looking for more everyday ways to work aqua coloured contact lenses into your look, check out some of our favourite ideas for size:

  • Mermaid Effect: To create a stunning mermaid costume team a pair of our aqua contact lenses with an iridescent yet subtle fish scale inspired eye makeup look, clothing in an assortment of seaside shades and a messy fishtail braid.
  • Get The Blues: Pair some dimensional tri-tone lenses with a dusting of shimmering light blue eyeshadow, a sweep of frosty highlighter and a flick of electric blue eyeliner for a terrifically tonal look.
  • Barbie Girl: This bold look isn’t for the faint of heart! Team a pair of sparkling aqua lenses with some fluttering false lashes, a strongly contoured countenance and lashings of sparkly pink lip gloss. Great for anyone looking to break out of a style rut, this jaw-dropping look is guaranteed to attract plenty of attention.

If you were bored with your hair colour, you’d dye it, right? If you fancied switching up your outfit, you wouldn’t think twice about it, would you? Then why not experiment with your eye colour too? Coloured contact lenses are an affordable, simple and effective way of completely changing how you look, without committing to something as permanent as a new hair colour. It can be great fun to change your eye colour and try out a new look. After all, not many people are graced with piercing aqua coloured eyes, so there’s no shame in grabbing a pair of aqua contacts to help you on your way to having this stunning look!
Can’t decide which look you want to rock? Need some assistance in choosing your costume? Then we’ve got your back! Some of our top favourite ideas include:

  • Disney Characters
  • Creepy Monsters
  • Dolls
  • Anime & Manga Characters

Perhaps you’ve found your ideal costume, but just can’t decide which style of lenses to sport? Some of the most popular styles in our aqua contact lens range are:

  • Natural Effect Lenses: These aqua blue contacts will help you to achieve an everyday look that’s sure to attract plenty of captivated glances. Available in light blue straight through to a rich, oceanic aqua tone, these lenses are great for completely changing your natural eye colour, or simply bringing a brighter hue to your baby blues. Whether you opt for a bright one-tone style, a dimensional two-tone design or a realistic looking three-tone pair, you can be sure to rock a subtly stylish and convincingly natural look.
  • Cat’s Eye Contacts: Think that you can’t rock a freakishly feline gaze in a bold and bright colour? Think again! Arguably every bit as creepy as their yellow, red or green counterparts, our selection of aqua cat eye lenses are sure to astound and delight whenever you wear them! A great finishing touch to cute kitty costumes or ferocious big cat themed ensembles, these lenses are guaranteed to get you noticed.

Each pair of contact lenses we sell comes in a sealed package, suspended in an eye-safe solution to keep your aqua lens in tip-top condition until you decide to use them.

We have all kinds of natural colour lenses available, from different shades of blue, to green, to brown. And if that’s not dramatic enough, we can go a whole lot further. UV lenses give you a bright iris under UV lighting, mesh for a textured spooky effect, full sclera for the perfect possessed Halloween style are all available at the click of a button. Why not get browsing and find a style to suit you now! We have selected the best contact lenses designs so you can be confident you will find exactly what you are looking for when you shop with us.

With several different use durations available, you can be sure to find a pair of aqua colour contact lenses to suit your needs when you shop with us. If you’ll only need your lenses as a one-off accessory or you’re looking to test the waters before ordering something with longer use duration, then you’re sure to love our single use lenses.

These disposable contacts last for 1 day, making each aqua contact lens a commitment-free way to experiment with a new look. Found your perfect style? Want to ensure you always have a bold style right at your fingertips? Then our range of reusable contacts is just what you need! With 90 day or 1 year use durations available, you can keep your stylish stare on lock for longer!

With a daily use lens one of the most appealing factors is that you can wear once then simply throw away. That means you don’t have to worry about maintaining your lenses or cleaning them after each use. It is important to remember you will still need to prepare your lenses properly, just like any other duration. Soak your lenses for at least 2 hours before use. One of the other benefits of these daily lenses is the price. This is our cheapest range of contact lenses so if you aren’t sure how often you are going to use your cheap aqua contact lenses or this is your first time using cosmetic lenses then these could be the perfect choice.

The 90 Day and 1 Year lenses last for multiple uses but it is vital you take the time to keep your lenses clean. These lenses are fully reusable as long as you store them in a sterile container. The duration begins from the first time you use your aqua blue contact lenses.

Need a little help looking after your new coloured contact lenses? Check out our range of contact lens cases and kits for all the essential tools you will need for your lenses. Insert your lenses using a lens wand applicator and keep them clean by storing them in our screw top containers. With plenty of funky designs to choose from you are sure to find a cool case you will be happy to carry around in your bag or leave on your nightstand.

You have heard about our non prescription aqua contact lenses, but did you know we also stock prescription blue contact lenses? If you have had enough of your glasses not fitting with your cosplay then this could be your opportunity to both match the eyes of your character and enjoy clear vision. This is also a perfect choice for those who already wear contact lenses but would like to try a new colour. With this range of prescription coloured contact lenses you can enjoy fashion lenses as much as your friends.

Remember if you are going to try prescription aqua eyes contact lenses or any other of our styles it is important to check with your optometrist or eye doctor about the closest match to your prescription. With our lenses you can select the power for each eye, ensuring you get the closest match possible.

Whichever pair of lenses you intend to try you should always check with your optometrist or eye doctor before using them, even if you have worn other types of contact lens before. Not all eye types are suited to contact lenses and while you are there you can ask any questions you have to put your mind at rest. It is also essential to visit a healthcare professional if you experience any problems while wearing contact lenses.

Have you explored all our shipping options? Whether you are searching for contact lenses UK or want delivery to another country we have plenty of delivery options to help cater to your needs. Looking for the fastest or the cheapest shipping? At our checkout, you will automatically be given the delivery options available to you so you can choose the perfect one.

If you’re searching for a pair of icy hued aqua lenses, then why not check out our eye-catching designs and choose from our exceptional display of colours, styles, and special effects lenses? With everything from realistic, natural look contacts through to freakishly feline Cat Eye lenses, no matter what style you choose, you can be sure to be the centre of attention. Perfect for everyday wear or special occasions like Halloween, New Year’s Eve, or Cosplay conventions, our lenses will kick your look up a notch and bewitch everyone you lock eyes with. Start shopping in our aqua contact lenses section today for a fabulous selection of designs.