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Here at Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves on offering a vast and extensive range of natural, fresh-look colour blends to ensure your look is as natural as possible. As the rising popularity of coloured contacts continues to grow, the process of choosing and ordering contact lenses online couldn’t be much easier than it is here at Coloured Contacts.

Natural Coloured Contacts for Dark Skin

Suitable for those of all skin tones, you’re bound to find the perfect lens and eye lens colour at the click of a mouse!

Don’t let skin pigmentation restrict your from wearing your desired hazel coloured lens; here at Coloured Contacts, we offer an extensive range of hazel lenses suitable for all skin tones. Do you have a skin tone that is tanned or of a slightly dark pigmentation? Do you yearn for realistic, natural looking hazel coloured eyes? If the answers were yes, then why not check out our range of cheap and cost effective, non-prescription hazel contact lenses for those with dark skin!

With style in mind, these fashion contact lenses are designed with a focus towards the nature of subtlety and discretion. Here at Coloured Contacts we understand that sometimes less is more and that a subtle change in eye colour can dramatically change a look and even your persona!

Offering stunning iris coverage, our hazel lenses blend perfectly and are specifically designed to prevent your natural eye colour from bleeding through. So, whether your natural eye colour is blue, green, or even grey – there’s no excuse for you to try out a pair of hazel coloured lenses.

 100% Natural Looking Lenses

Warm, mellow colours are notoriously known to work well with dusty and dark complexions, giving your look that naturally soulful glow – so there’s plenty of time to get your autumnal look perfected before the season gets fully into swing!

Unlike our existing ranges of Sclera, Mesh, and Blind style contacts, here at Coloured Contacts we also aim to provide customers with realistic and natural matrix coloured tones. In the instance of our range of Hazel eye contacts, we offer styles such as:

  • Single Tone
  • Two Tone
  • Tri-Tone
  • Glimmer
  • Big Eyes

Perfect for those with naturally dark pigmentation of the skin, these coloured lenses blend well with darker hair tones such as those with black, brunette, auburn, tawny, and even copper-coloured hair. Ranging in tones, these hazel coloured lenses can often evoke realistic chestnut coloured shades in natural light – perfect for those seeking to switch up their style on a tight schedule!

Not only ideal for daily and evening use, our hazel contact lenses for dark skin are perfect for those seeking to accessories their fancy dress/costume ideas in true style. Going that extra mile to complete your look with a pair of natural looking lenses can totally transform a look – especially if your audience isn’t expecting your sudden change in iris shade! 

With such possibilities in mind, showcase your new eyes in total assurance with Coloured Contacts. Here at Coloured Contacts we pride ourselves in providing our customers with the best quality products for the best possible price. Choosing to stock FDA approved lenses, you can rest assured that your hazel lenses will be composed of 100% organic, unprocessed, and chemical-free materials.

Ensure your eyes do all the talking with a pair of our hazel contact lenses for dark skin! Whatever the occasion, look, or vibe – you can rest assured that Coloured Contacts has the style of hazel contact to suit every need and every skin tone! Whether you’re after a subtle single tone lens or a more complex, yet still refined, big eye lens – Coloured Contacts has one of the largest ranges available.