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If you’re looking for awesome coloured contact lenses in spooky Halloween colours, check out our range of black contact lenses! Here at Coloured Contacts, we offer a great variety of cosmetic black eye contact lenses, ready to transform your look in seconds. We have mini sclera contact lenses to cover and black out the eye or patterned designs to give you a spooky style in time for Halloween. Whether it is for Cosplay, party or casual wear, these black contact lenses are a great finishing touch to your look.

When you buy black coloured contact lenses, you can explore some super cool looks, whether you want to become a demon, a character from your favourite sci-fi show or film, a doll, or anything else you can dream up that requires black spooky eyes. If you’re a Gothic fashion fan, maybe you just want all black eyes to match your black as midnight wardrobe?

You may be wondering, "So I can get a whole new look, just by using black contact lenses?" and you'd be absolutely right! There's no limit to the costumes you can pair with these fashionable contacts, so grab a pair and get inspired!

Choosing the Best Black Coloured Contacts

Get those pair of cool black eye contacts you’ve been envisioning in time for special occasions such as Halloween, New Year's Eve, costume parties and Cosplay. They are also great simply for a night or day out. They will be sure to cause a stir and frenzy wherever you go!

Searching for a way to bring a freaky edge to your Halloween look? Craving something dark, mysterious and oh-so-spooky? Then look no further than our incredible selection of black lenses! Perfect for transforming your stare in the blink of an eye, these fashionable contacts will take your look from normal to nightmarish in an instant.

Explore your creativity with our black coloured contacts. Always wanted to be a doll? Our dolly black lenses will take you there. Are you in the mood for something a little more sensual? Then team some of our black colour contact lenses with some smoky eye makeup. With our new Virtual Mirror, you can try out the lenses before you buy. Simply add a selfie and select the lenses you would like to try. You can try on as many as you like and can add your chosen product straight to your basket once you have found the perfect lens.

One of the most popular designs we stock are the blackout contact lenses which are so creepy that you’ll be too frightened to even look at your own reflection (that’s if you still have one - yikes!). These fun lenses completely cover your iris and pupil in a solid black contacts colour for that soulless freaky effect. Pair with some creative Halloween makeup and your friends are sure to be seriously freaked out.

The blackout contacts that we stock are part of our blind effect range so be sure to check out other colours too! These aren’t only handy for completing your frightening Halloween style. They also can help you bring your favourite anime and cartoon characters to life.

As you can guess, the most popular use of this colour is as black contact lenses Halloween. With every kind of zombie and witch costume, these lenses will take you from trick or treat to a full horror film. If you are looking for some inspiration be sure to head to our Instagram page for plenty of pictures of people using our lenses. Our talented Instagram affiliates are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

We have several varieties of full eye black contact lenses to suit your needs. The differing durations and colour coverage are designed to help you find the lens that is perfect for you. Please note these lenses can obscure vision. These full black contact lenses are perfect for photo shoots and are incredibly popular with our Instagram affiliates.

Another favourite design is our mini sclera black contact lenses. These lenses cover a larger proportion of the pupil and part of the sclera in a spooky black cloak. The effect of these lenses is to give the iris a fuller look; this, in turn, will create an even more frightening final finish. This wide-eyed style is sure to make you look like a mystical creature from another planet.

Another popular combination is a white and black contact lens. The stark contrast is sure to help your eyes stand out from the crowd. This winning combination comes in a variety of designs from vampire styles to novelty prints.

Are you glasses cramping your scare factor? We have some good news for you. Our range of prescription black contact lenses will help you see clearly while enjoying a funky cosmetic lens. You can select the power of each eye in order to get the exact match to your own prescription.

We know that if you are looking for costume contact lenses you don’t want to spend a fortune. Costumes are meant to be fun, right? So you don’t have to worry about the pennies we have a range of cheap black contact lenses to help you find awesome designs at the best price.

Jet Black Contact Lenses: Everything You Need To Know!

Before wearing prescription or non prescription black lenses it is important to check your eye suitability. Not everyone is suited to wearing cosmetic contact lenses, which is why it is important to check with your optometrist or eye doctor. Be sure to ask any questions you may have to a professional for the best advice on whether or not coloured contact lenses are for you.

Our coloured contact lenses are available in various wear durations including 1 day wear, 90 day wear and even 1 year wear; so whether you’re looking for a single night with bold black eyes or you want to rock the look more regularly, we have the perfect cosmetic black contact lenses for you.

If you only want to wear your lenses once or don’t want the hassle of cleaning and storing your black coloured contact lenses then the daily option is the one for you. These disposable lenses have exactly the same awesome designs as the longer durations so you can enjoy one night of colour changing fun.

If you are a regular Cosplayer or love to go to costume parties frequently then we definitely recommend our 90 day or 1 year styles. The duration begins from the first time you use your lenses so be sure to note down the date as you should never wear lenses longer than specified on the box. With the longer duration black eye contacts, make sure to store them in a clean case with some lens solution.

Need somewhere to store your new lenses? Check out our lens cases and kits range. These cost-effective storage containers will provide a sealed container for your lenses. The kits also include hand tools to help you care for and insert your black contacts.

Customers often ask us; ‘will this colour completely cover my natural eye colour?’ All our lenses are made with the best quality pigmentation so you can be sure you will get the top vivid colour. If you want to know more about which of our lenses will cover naturally dark eye colours then head over to our section dedicated to contact lenses for dark eyes. With completely black contacts you can be confident that these lenses will fully cover your natural eye colour, no matter what the shade.

If you're concerned about compromising on comfort in order to achieve your spook-tacular look, then you needn't worry! Every single pair of lenses we sell is made from soft, lightweight materials for ease of wear and long-lasting comfort. With full FDA approval on shipping these products to the USA, when you shop with us you can be sure that you're getting a legitimate, safe product that won't compromise your vision.

With Coloured Contacts you can shop black contact lenses UK and beyond. With a range of shipping options to choose from, you enjoy black eye lens all around the world. If we don’t currently ship to your country then be sure to check back in the future as we are always expanding our postage options. In the meantime why not head to our Facebook or Twitter for all the latest news on Cosplay, makeup and more.

You may have started reading this thinking surely there can’t be much choice when it comes to black contact lenses. We hope we have shown you how many styles there are to try. From novelty designs to seriously scary styles, whatever your fancy dress style we can help you find your dream lenses. We often try out new styles so make sure to take come back and browse our black lens section next time you are shopping at Coloured Contacts.