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Are you on the hunt for a pair of spectacular lenses to complete your fancy dress costume? Want to knock the socks off of everyone you meet this Halloween? Then we think you’ll love our incredible selection of freaky contacts, the perfect way to enhance your ensemble and achieve a truly scary stare!

No matter what kind of costume you’re planning to sport this All Hallow’s Eve, when you shop our collection of freaky contacts, you can be sure to send shivers down everyone’s spines.

Get Your Freak On!

Sometimes, only the spookiest of styles will suffice, which is why we’ve hand-selected every pair of lenses in our range of freaky contacts. Whether you’re off for a spot of trick-or-treating, attending a haunted house or party hopping,  you can be sure to find your perfect pair of scary lenses when you shop with us! Our spine-chilling range of freaky contacts includes:

  • UV reactive styles - Whether you choose a bright and bold shade, an animal style or bold white, you can be sure to light up the night with a pair of our glow in the dark lenses!
  • Mesh and screen lenses - Delivering a textured, cyborg-style look, these daringly different contacts are sure to get you noticed.
  • Red contacts - With everything from UV styles to mini sclera and blind designs, you can be sure to create a supremely spooky stare with a pair of our bold red lenses.
  • Black contact lenses - Achieve instant spookiness with a pair of our deep and intense black lenses, perfect for adding a nightmarishly creepy touch to any costume.
  • White contacts - Whether you’re looking for white out lenses, milky Manson contacts or bloody, trauma inspired designs, our range of bright white contacts have a little something to suit all tastes and occasions!

With one of the best ranges of FX and Horror lenses on the market, there’s absolutely no limit to the number of fearsomely freaky looks you can create! If you need a little inspiration or tips on how to use these Halloween contact lenses, here are some of our favourites:

  • For a lycanthropic look, pair some of our wild Werewolf lenses with shredded clothing, lashings of fake blood, fangs and strategically applied fake fur. Don’t forget to howl at the moon for full freaky effect! If you fancy something a little more Twilight and a little less Dog Soldiers, then pair your lupine contacts with a brooding expression, dark denim, sturdy boots and a plaid shirt to pay homage to Jacob Black and his wolf pack.
  • Want to achieve a sinister, death eater inspired look? Then our black sclera lenses are just what you need! Perfect for replicating the blank, dead-eyed stare of Voldemort’s masked band of followers, these contacts cover the entire iris and a large proportion of the sclera (Aka, the white bit of your eye) to give a void like appearance. Team with a black hood, a dark mark temporary tattoo and an ornate mask for full effect.
  • If you fancy creating a costume that’s a little more ‘out there’, then we think we’ve got the perfect solution for you! To achieve a spooky old crone appearance, simply pair our blue blind lenses with a scraggly grey wig, prosthetics and lashings of ageing makeup to totally transform your look. Pair with a ragged outfit and an air of uncertain malevolence for extra creep points!

With so many incredible styles on offer, the only limit to the creeptastic costumes you can create is your imagination!

Freaky Contacts: A Halloween Must Have!

No prescription? No problem! All of our lenses are non-corrective (I.e. They don’t have any ‘power’ and therefore cannot alter your vision), so you can simply select the style you like the most without worrying about inputting your prescription correctly and being left with lenses that don’t meet your needs.

Fans of fashion contacts know that it can often be difficult to find high-quality lenses at affordable prices and often, this means that you have to compromise on aesthetics in order to not bankrupt yourself! However, here at Coloured Contacts we’re committed to delivering superior quality products at low prices, so you can experiment with your look to your heart’s content without breaking the bank!

If you love the look of freaky contacts but are a bit concerned about comfort, then worry not! Our super-thin lenses are made from lightweight and breathable materials and feature a high water content to keep your eyes feeling moist and hydrated all day long. What’s more, every pair of lenses we stock have been FDA approved and manufactured in the UK in accordance to strict EU guidelines, so you know you’re purchasing a safe and genuine article.

Not only are our lenses cheap and of a high, reliable quality, they’re available in a simply unbeatable range of styles. With dozens of darkly different designs to choose from, we’re the home of one of the most extensive collections online. Plus, with a wider selection of styles than you’ll find on marketplace sites such as eBay or Amazon, you can make Coloured Contacts your one stop shop for all your lens needs! So, if you want to upgrade your Halloween or cosplay looks, check out our complete range of freaky contacts today and see for yourself why we’re one of the UK’s best retailers of spooky contact lenses!