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Creepy contact lenses are the most spooktacular way of completing your favourite and freaky fancy dress costumes. A must-have Halloween makeup accessory, our creepy contacts are going to make your unique style stand out from the crowd! Become the ultimate eerie ghost, petrifying monster or evil vampire with an awesome pair of creepy contacts! No Halloween costume should go without an added touch of an evil glare.

Anyone can put on a fancy dress Halloween costume, so make sure your creepy look is out of this world for your next Halloween party or Cosplay/fancy dress event by adding some creepy contact lenses! Halloween contacts lenses are a super fun and super safe way to switch up your style. Browse our extensive range of creepy contacts and you’re sure to find a colour, style and duration to suit your every need. What’s not to love about our scary and spooky lenses, find a new style to fall in love with!

Chill ‘Em to the Bone with a Pair of Creepy Contacts!

All non-prescription and all kinds of awesome, it’s just too easy to fall in love with the detailed and intricate designs featured in our extensive range of creepy lenses! The manufacturing process involved with our coloured lenses uses high-quality pigments which include a huge range of standout designs. The quality of the pigment ensures good coverage over the darkest of natural brown eye colours.

You’ll be winning all the Halloween costume contests with a new terrifying stare, the question is, which scary style will you choose first? Our selection of blind lenses is a perfect way to create the creepiest of looks. Available in a variety of colours, this style covers the iris and masks the pupil. Creating a haunted and lifeless look? Make sure you add a pair of white out contact lenses to any costume dedicated to the undead! The blind effect will void your eyes of any colour, leaving onlookers chilled to the bone!

While you’re frequenting the various Halloween fancy dress events this year, you’ll certainly want to show up with a creepy pair of UV i-Glow lenses! Light up the dance floor with a pair of funky, yet creepy, glowing eyes. Any and every Halloween costume can be taken to a whole new level with a glowing pair of eyes! We’ve got UV reactive lenses including Wolf’s Eye, Zombie, Cat’s eye lenses which will all complete a totally terrifying look.

Feeling the need for some Halloween costume inspiration? Here are some ways in which you can bring your new pair of creepy contact lenses to life:

  • Demon – make sure you get some Black Mini Sclera lenses into your possession if you’re out to pull off the evil demonic look. A classic creepy contact lens style, this bold black and soulless style is sure to totally transform your gaze.
  • Ghosts – ghosts, ghouls, spirits and spectres are the sort of Halloween costumes which deserve a killer pair of creepy contact lenses. Blind and sclera lenses are the best way of showing off your spooky style. Or, for something a little different, our White Mesh lenses an equally creepy way of rocking a new pair of lenses.
  • Vampire – it doesn’t get more Vampire than a glowing blood red pair of eyes! As well as plenty of dedicated creepy Vampire contacts, our bright red coloured lenses are sure to shock. The Red Blood Halloween lenses feature a delicious colour for you to sink your teeth into!
  • Werewolf – if you’re planning a creepy creature of the night costume this Halloween, then check out a pair of our beastly and creepy coloured contacts! Our Green Werewolf or Twilight Werewolf lenses are sure to terrify. Make sure you’ve got your claws and fangs sharp to totally pull off these creepy contacts!
  • Witch – for an absolutely wicked Witch look, the Green Witch Eyes lenses are sure to complete your creepy costume! The pale green and mystical tones of this lens are sure to have you cackling. Wear your witch costume as you like, but green makeup and light green face paints are a must with these lenses.
  • Zombie – another undead costume option, a pair of White Manson lenses are the perfect selection when it comes to shopping creepy contact lenses. Our Zombie Grey lenses will certainly ensure that your cold and vacant stare will not be rivalled.

These are simply a few ideas on how you can put a pair of creepy lenses to good use, but there are no rules when it comes to trying out lenses. Switch up your styles with new looks and create yourself a new creepy look. The possibilities are endless with our range of contact lenses!

Shop Halloween Contacts Lenses with Coloured Contacts UK!

Our creepy contacts may be cheap, but this by no means lessens the quality. When you shop with Coloured Contacts, you can be assured that you are receiving well-made and high-quality lenses. Made from lightweight and breathable materials, these FDA-approved lenses are sure to feel comfortable while they’re being worn.

When choosing yourself a new pair of creepy lenses, you should consider how long you need your Halloween lenses for. If you’re solely rocking the creepy contacts style on October 31st, then a pair of daily contact lenses will be perfect for you. Wear once and then dispose of, they’re a totally temporary and hassle-free option. Or if you’re out every night until the witching hour then maybe you’ll need your contact lenses to last a little longer. Choose from 30-day, 90-day or 1-year duration to find a pair of contacts that will cater to as many events you need!

Coloured Contacts is your one-stop shop for shopping Halloween contact lenses UK! Our extensive range is on par with the likes of huge online retailers such as Amazon and eBay. When you shop with us, you can shop high-quality Halloween lenses at a cheap and affordable price. Take your Halloween style to whole new heights with a freaky pair of our creepy contacts!