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Fierce and ferocious, our collection of wild contact lenses is full of awesome animal styles and the best beastly effects! Whatever you costume idea, our impressive range of special effect contacts is sure to fit the bill. Wild and wonderful, the number of styles we have will leave you completely spoilt for choice.

Trying to discover a new wild eyes look for less? Need to complete this year’s Halloween costume? Then we think an impressive pair of wild contact lenses is sure to be the icing on your costume cake! These lenses will perfectly match an animal outfit or a scary Halloween beast. All of our styles mimic a fierce wild style whether that is an animal or supernatural beast. From snakes to cats and vampires to werewolves, there will be a perfect purchase to go with your favourite Halloween fancy dress. Unleash that inner beast and wow the onlookers with a funky pair of wild contact lenses.

For an added blast of style, we think choosing some of our UV reactive wild lenses are an ideal way to show you are a creature of the night! By daylight, your wild animal look may look unassuming, but when the moon rises, these lenses will come to life! Glowing in the dark, you will be able to show off just how wild your look can really be!

Take A Walk On The Wild Side

If you want some lenses for your next animal dress-up event, or want your Halloween costume to have a bit more bite, then these crazy eye contacts are an ideal way spice up your costume. There are so many styles and colours to choose from. Here is a brief overview of some awesome wild styles of coloured lenses that you can choose from when you shop online with Coloured Contacts:

  • Butterfly – our Pink Butterfly lenses are sure to set your heart fluttering! Spring your wings and cocoon your style with this delicate design that still has a touch of a wild and jazz moth style!
  • Cat – feeling feline? Our range of cat eye lenses come in a variety of colours and styles. Popular styles include Aqua Blue Cat’s Eye, Yellow Cat’s Eye and Red Cat’s Eye. If you want to set your look aglow then our UV reactive wild lenses are sure to brighten up the darkest of nights!
  • Cobra – sink your fangs into the sharp reptilian style of our Cobra Coloured Lenses! These green lenses are a perfect match with some scaly style face paint or makeup. Any animal fancy dress costume can be taken to whole new levels of awesome with these standout lenses!
  • Dragon – a fiery style, Dragon lenses are as wild as they get! If you want to get your Smaug look completed, then the Dragon Eye lenses are a pair suited to such an iconic mythical beast. Give the Green Emerald Dragon lenses a go if you want to try something a little different.
  • Vampire – a wild creature of myth, you’ll have to get yourself some Vampire lenses to match your favourite Halloween costume. The Dracula Fangs and Gold Vampire lenses will certainly give your look some added bite. These crazy eye contacts are an essential Halloween accessory!
  • Wolf – whether it’s a savage wolf or a spooky werewolf, there’s a whole range of wild wolf lenses which are sure to keep you covered all night long. The Black Wolf and the Orange Werewolf are the perfect way to unleash your inner animal. These awesome lenses are sure to scare, shock and surprise.

Heading to a one-off event? Our lenses can be bought in a variety of durations and lengths that will suit your contacts-wearing schedule. The daily contact lenses can be worn once and then disposed of – no maintenance or cleaning necessary! Or if you’re set to be howling at the moon once a month, then it’s possible to pick up lenses with longer 30-day, 90-day or 1-year durations. These lenses will require more care and maintenance to upkeep a high level of ocular health.

We are certain that the longer durations lenses are more than worth the effort of regular care, but if you are unsure about how to look after lenses that make sure you consult your optician or eye doctor. We also have plenty of guides and blog posts to help you keep your eyes and lenses in tip top condition!

Sink Your Fangs Into Some Claw-some New Lenses!

Hungry like a wolf for some wild contacts? Then you’ve find the best place to buy non-prescription contact lenses online! Here at Coloured Contacts, we pride ourselves on selling high-quality products at a cheap and affordable price. Cosmetic contacts are all about you discovering a new and exciting style for you to improve your next fancy dress costume or Cosplay outfit. Our wild lenses are a perfect way to complete any and every beastly look you can think of!

As well as providing some wild styles for you to try out, our lenses are made from the highest quality materials. All FDA approved, our lenses are made from lightweight and breathable materials which make the lenses super comfortable to wear. Whether you’re heading off on a night out, to a party or an all day Cosplay event our lenses are an ideal costume companion that you can wear in both comfort and style. At such competitive prices, can you afford not to pick yourself up a pair of wild contact lenses?!

Shop with Coloured Contacts today – it’s the place to be to buy coloured contact lenses online! You won’t even need a prescription to pick yourself up a pair! Our range is just as expansive as other contact lens retailers such as eBay and Amazon, so you’re in safe hands when you shop online with us! Adding a whole new level to your look has never been easier; so many new wild contacts are just a click away!