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As we’re sure you’re very much aware, Halloween is just around the corner! With one of the biggest holidays of the year creeping up, we’ve dedicated ourselves into providing you with some of the best FDA approved Halloween contact lenses. We believe that wearing lenses should be fun and exciting, but most of all safe! So when you’re buying from us, you never have to worry.

At Coloured Contacts one of the biggest questions people ask is “Are non prescription coloured contacts safe?”, and if you’re buying from Coloured Contacts, then the answer is YES! We have a wide variety of novelty contact lenses to fulfil the needs of every elaborate costume you come up with!

So if you fancy the classic undead zombie look, you really must have a peep at our white contact lenses that are bound to add the realism to your down right terrifying fancy dress! Or are you looking for some more adventurous Halloween lenses? We really do have something for everyone; from horror to even cosplay lenses! So don’t forget to take a look at our vast range of styles and really give yourself a draw dropping look on your next dress up!

The most important part of our non prescription Halloween contacts is without a doubt the unique manufacturing process which every lens is subjugated to. We make sure that all our lenses are FDA approved and safe as possible! So it doesn’t matter whether you’re at a casual event with friends or the biggest fancy dress night of the year, your blinkers will always be safe with our decorative lenses.

Our FDA Approved Halloween Contact Lenses

We all know that dressing up as your favourite character or monster is perhaps the best form of escapism out there! But without a suitable pair of matching novelty contact lenses, your wildest creations will lack the life and realism they truly deserve!

Our massive range of Halloween lenses will absolutely blow your mind! With a gigantic variety of styles and colours, you will always find the exact lenses to match your style and complete your look with Coloured Contacts!

As well as providing you with a range of different coloured lenses and UV shades, we also provide you with stylish contacts for different Halloween favourites, such as zombies, demons and even werewolf styled costume contact lenses! However, one of our biggest additions is our range of mini Sclera contact lenses which help cover the whites of your eye to make you look even more terrifying! But even if the authentic scary monster dress up just isn’t your style for Halloween and you fancy switching it up with something a little more alternative, you must check out our massive range of cosplay lenses, so you can even dress up as your favourite characters and villains.

Overwhelmed with the endless possibilities with our range of lenses? Fear no more! We’ve picked a list of a few of our favourite non prescription Halloween contacts to give you a little inspiration:

  • Twilight Voltori Red Lenses – These subtle yet vibrant lenses are perfect for anyone looking to impress the masses without the huge effort! Simply pop these in and you’re instantly transformed into an elegant vampire!
  • White Blind Zombie Lenses- It’s finally the time to really own the iconic zombie look! These white zombie lenses cover your pupils to give you a blind eyed look and really put the lifelessness into your style.
  • Black Mini Sclera Lenses – These oversized blackout lenses are perfect for anyone to complete a demon inspired look. These lenses help cover some of the whites in your eyes to really shock your friends and family!

So if you’ve ever thought “are there any stores that sell coloured contacts near me?”, Coloured Contacts really is your best option! Our massive selection of styles and colours means you’ll always find what you’re looking for when it comes to transforming your eyes for Halloween.

Stylish But Safe

Along with an unbeatable number of styles all at affordable prices, Coloured Contacts are driven to always giving you safe non-prescription FDA approved Halloween contact lenses. The FDA approval is paramount in assuring that you always receive lenses of outstanding quality and comfort, so you can wear our special effect contact lenses for long durations with ease! This means that all of our lenses must enter a three-tier screening process and must be manufactured to the highest quality, using lightweight materials, which will fit comfortably in your eyes for both daily and monthly usage.

The FDA (Food and Drugs Administration) certification protects your public health by ensuring that all medical devices, such as our contact lenses, are perfectly safe and fit for human use. The FDA is also responsible for the advancement of innovation so that you receive top quality, comfortable lenses every time.

As well as providing you with black sclera contact lenses, we also have a wide range of different coloured blackout lenses, and cosplay contacts, to help you really define your every imaginable look this Halloween.

So if you’re looking for your first pair of costume contact lenses, or just fancy more exotic style for Halloween contacts. You’ll find always find exactly what you’re looking for with Coloured Contacts huge range of safe, affordable contact lenses.