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Bored of standard, snooze-worthy contact lenses? Want some that’ll really add that extra special something to your look? Well then, you’ve stumbled onto the right website! Coloured Contacts stocks a wide range of special contact lenses, meaning that getting a totally ‘wow’ look has never been easier!

While we may be slightly biased towards our range of special effects contact lenses, we really do believe that we are one of the best FX contact lenses store around! Honestly – there’s no reason to go anywhere else, with our website stocking just about every colour you can think of and every quirky style and design! No matter what situation or event you’re in need of cosmetic contacts for, we think you’ll find the perfect pair of special contact lenses among our range!

So if you’re not tired of our blabbering about FX contact lenses yet, read on, because we’ve got a lot more to say! It really is true that no one takes contact lenses as seriously as we do, as we’re committed to making sure that every single one of our customers gets the exact look that they’ve been craving!

Cosmetic And Theatrical Contact Lenses, Anyone?

One of the things that we think a lot of people look for in special FX contact lenses is drama. You know what we mean – that real theatre factor, showing everyone that you’re anything but ordinary. While we love our selection of natural contact lenses, we do think it can be incredibly fun to go for cosmetic contacts that really shine with uniqueness and weirdness sometimes... Why else would we stock so many contacts that can’t be classed as anything but theatrical FX contact lenses!

Our range of special contact lenses is the best way to get that weird and wonderful look. If you’ve got a deep unquenchable thirst for getting a pair of SFX eyes, then we’re here to help! It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to our range, but here are a few of favourite lens for adding that dazzle to your eyeballs:

Blind Contacts – You’re sure to be blown away by the pure stylishness of these lenses! They’re a great choice if you’re looking for some crazy contact lenses, giving you a look that has a definite horror movie edge to it... So if you want to get a zombie look for your next party or maybe want to sport an appearance inspired by your favourite undead anime character for your next cosplay event, be sure to have a look at our range of blind lenses!

UV Contacts – Ultra violet contact lenses... Need we say anymore? Wearing these lenses will offer you a glow in the dark appearance that’s sure to help you stand out from the crowd! If you’re tired of being normal, or you’ve just got plans to have a super-crazy night out, then these lenses are definitely the ones you want!

FX Print Contacts – We also stock a number of Halloween contact lenses with wacky and kooky designs that are certain to win your heart! They feature unique designs – like the Black Pink Bullseye Coloured Contacts, which feature, well, a bullseye print! Meanwhile, the design of our Lucky Dice Coloured Contact Lenses can only really be described as somewhat dicey... (We apologise for that pun.)

Cosplay Contacts – Cosplaying! Who doesn’t love cosplaying? A great way to make sure you can dress up as your favourite character as well as possible is by snatching up some of our anime and Halloween contact lenses! So make sure that you totally kill it at your next convention by snapping up some of the lenses featured in this range...

So what do you want? Have we shown off the fact that our special contact lenses range is unmatchable well enough? Well, we’ve still got a few more awesome things to tell you about them!

Cheap And Non Prescription Colored Contacts UK!

Beyond our range of impeccably perfect and unique designs, our lenses also have a few other things going for them that we thought we’d fill you in on... Our special contact lenses really do deliver, offering you value for money, high quality materials and accessibility for everyone!

If you’re looking for cosmetic contact lenses at a price that’s hard to argue with, then Coloured Contacts is the place to be. You’ll be happy to hear that our cheap Halloween contacts won’t break the bank by any means – making sure that you can look good less! Many of our pairs of lenses come in a range of different durations, reflecting their prices, meaning that you can everything from dailies to 90 day lenses and 1 year lenses! So you can really splash out on our lenses, getting plenty of bang for your buck, and try out a new look on a permanent basis!

Another awesome thing about our lens range is that we stock an incredible amount of pairs that are prescription free! That’s right – you don’t have to have a prescription in order to use some of our crazy and cool coloured contact lenses! We really are one of the top places to shop when it comes to getting non prescription special effects contacts and non prescription theatrical contacts! Now you can colour your eyes as much as you want with as many designs as you want without a single care in the world!

However, we do recommend that you pay a visit to your optometrist before using our special contact lenses for the first time, just to make sure that your eyes are suitable for wearing them. The health of your eyes is one of the most important things to us and so it’s key that you keep them safe!

So what are you waiting for? If you’re after cosmetic contact lenses and have just read everything we’ve had to say, then we think you’ll agree that we’re the best place to get that special contact lenses look! Make your wildest dreams come true and get shopping with Coloured Contacts!