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Ideal for making that all important change, extended wear coloured contact lenses mean you can rock your brand new look for longer! Our long duration contact lenses come in a variety of different durations including monthly, 90-day or 1 year contact lenses. These durations mean that you can wear your favourite new lens style again and again, for a longer period.

Extended, or, continuous wear contact lenses are designed to be worn for prolonged amounts of time. Some specific types of lens prescriptions, such as binocular vision, require constant wear, so prolonged wear contacts are an ideal solution. The materials used to create these lenses are oxygen permeable, so allow more oxygen to reach the surface of your eyes. Oxygenating your eyes allows for extra comfort and stops your eyes from feeling dried out during long term use.

Companies such as Specsavers and Boots often prescribe these lenses to customers with binocular vision. It should be noted that our lenses do not have these corrective qualities, but can be worn on multiple occasions. You’ve probably already read plenty of continuous wear contact lenses reviews, so you’ll probably know that these contacts are ideal if you have a busy and active way of life. The stronger materials used in their construction are designed to reflect the need of constantly being in your eye.

What Makes Lenses Extended Wear?

Generally, extended wear contacts can often be worn overnight (although many brands recommend not too), as some opticians offer lenses than can be worn whilst you sleep. This is not something we recommend with our specific range of coloured contact lenses, simply because they are only designed for cosmetic wear for up to 4 hours a day.

You can wear our coloured contacts both night (how else will you new UV contacts glow?!) and day, but make sure to take them out under the following conditions:

  • Before Sleep – our lenses are not designed to be worn whilst you’re sleeping
  • Before You Shower – always pop out your lenses before you shower or bathe, just to be safe!
  • During Swimming – remember to take out any lenses before you get in a pool/jacuzzi/hot tub
  • Before Contact Sports – our coloured lenses aren’t suitable to be worn during contact sports. 

As well as these situational conditions, you should always ensure the following criteria are met before you try out some of our lenses. These steps are important to consider when using lenses more than once. Cleanliness and hygiene are vital in making sure both your eyes and the lenses remain in top notch condition.

Failing to keep lenses and eyes clean may lead to complications such as infection, so make sure to take every precaution possible to avoid this. We’ve also get plenty of guides ready to be read if you want a proper down-low on taking care of your extended wear lenses. You can easily pick up some lens cleaning solution and a case from our store to help with the maintenance process.

  • Check Expiry Date – expired lenses aren’t good for your eyes, check the dates before you use ‘em
  • Clean, Clean, Clean – keep your hands and all surfaces clean before handling or inserting lenses, this ensures that everything stays safe when you’re dealing with your eyes.
  • Opticians Approval – make sure to always visit an optician before you buy. Not all eyes are suitable for wearing lenses, so it’s always best to check with a healthcare professional first. 

Benefits Of Using Long Duration Coloured Lenses

When we say extended wear coloured contacts, we mean a pair of our awesome coloured contacts which you can wear and enjoy on multiple occasions. What are the benefits of investing in a pair of these lenses? Not only are you splashing out on a brand new eye style, but you’re picking yourself up a brand new awesome pair of lenses.

Here are a few extended wear contact lenses pros and cons, in regards to our range of coloured contact lenses. There are plenty of reasons why you should spend a little more on lenses which will be suitable for an extended duration.

  • Style For A Whole Lot Longer – if you choose one of our extended contact lens durations, you can use the same style of lenses again and again! Some of our freakiest Halloween styles are just too good to last for one night only, why not make ‘em last a little longer with a 90-day duration?
  • Plan Ahead For Parties – got plenty of fancy dress occasions or special events filling your diaries? Then make sure you’re dressed to impress at each and every event with a pair of contact lenses. If they’re designed for extended wear, you can make sure to look your best over and over!
  • Easily Achieve An Everyday Lens Look – if your new hairdo or daily get-up requires a new beautiful brown colour or a softer grey shade, then longer-wear lenses mean you can switch things up for longer. 

It’s the high-quality materials which make our lenses suitable for extended wear. The way our long duration lenses are manufactured involves only the best kinds of material. The polyhema material in the lens construction used is both lightweight and breathable, so they will comfortably sit on your eye. As the lenses are more rigid than daily pairs of lenses, they maintain their shape over prolonged periods of time.

So, if you’ve been unsure about which duration of contact lenses to choose, we think we’ve made a pretty good case for extended wear coloured contact lenses! Get the most use out of a brand new eye colour for as long as possible and enjoy showing off your new lenses. Make sure to browse our full range of contacts and we’re pretty certain that you’ll find a style to fall in love with!