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Colored contact lenses that look real are a great everyday way of changing your look. Ever wondered what you would look like with brown eyes instead of blue? Or green eyes instead of grey? With our range of realistic contact lenses you won’t be stuck for ideas. Challenge your friends to spot the difference when you try out your new natural look eye shade. May the best spotter win!

Natural looking contacts aren’t just about having fun with your look, it is about widening your wardrobe options. Eye color often has a big influence on the colors of clothes that suit us so if you have found the perfect outfit but feel like it isn’t quite working for your eyes then consider using some natural looking contacts. The realistic contacts will enhance your look and will help you with future outfit ideas. You can also use natural contacts to match your make-up, so if you have had a make-up idea burning inside then set it free with a new pair of coloured lenses. Try a dark lens for a smoky look or a baby blue for a fun bubbly look.

You can also use the realistic contacts to enrich your natural color. Transform your pale blues into piercing aqua or your hazel brown into a deep chocolate.

Change Up Your Look With Natural Contact Lenses That Look Real

Experiment with different eye colors or match your favourite characters with cosmetic non-prescription lenses. There is a wide range of amazing realistic color contacts to choose from. Here is a guide to some of the different types of color blend on offer.

  • Tri tone coloured contacts. Check out the Chocolate Brown Tri Tone Coloured Contact Lenses to see the natural tri tone effect, suitable for every occasion. Take a look at your eyes in the mirror and you will see that eyes naturally have different color tones, usually with one main color. This is something you may want to emulate in a colored contact lens. These Chocolate Brown lenses feature a light brown tone around the pupil and have a blend effect leading to the outer edge of the iris. The chocolate and dark brown tones merge to create a realistic dappled effect. If brown isn’t your color don’t worry, the tri tone effect is available in a variety of colors!
  • Two tone coloured contacts. These Aqua Blue Two Tone Coloured Contact Lenses dazzle with a bright aqua blue tone coupled with a darker inner and outer circle. This color splash will draw attention without drawing suspicion. The speckle effect is what gives these lenses their most natural look. This bold color is for the confident and daring and would look spellbinding across a crowded room.
  • One tone coloured contacts. For a bold and striking color try a one tone lens. The Green One Tone Coloured Contact Lenses still features the dappled effect, giving it the look of a real eye. If you are looking for a bright and mesmerizing color then take a look at our most natural contact lenses range. For hypnotic eyes that are sure to attract compliments change up your look with one tone colored contact lenses.

Still haven’t found what you are looking for? The first step is finding the color for you. Pick from aqua, blue, brown, green, grey and hazel contact lenses. For a unique color with natural styling we even have purple lenses!

A question we are frequently asked is ‘Will my eyes be too dark for a light coloured contact lens?’. Our special manufacturing process ensures we provide the best colored contacts for brown eyes, especially for dark eyes. Here at Colored Contacts UK we choose lenses manufactured with high-quality pigmentation to make sure you get the best results. The process uses rich, vivid color pigments creating a vibrant finish to the lens, giving you a strong block of color to cover dark natural eye colors that may become visible behind more transparent lenses.

Can’t wait to get realistic? Then shop natural look lenses with Coloured Contacts UK!

Fallen in love with your new color? Then your look can last for longer with our 30 day90 day, or even 1 year lenses. If you are just looking for one day of color switching fun then we have colored contacts to suit you too. Daily contact lenses can be worn once and then thrown away. If you don’t want the hassle of cleaning and maintaining your lens then this is the option for you.

Not sure how to look after your lenses? Don’t worry your optician or eye doctor will have plenty of advice for you. For extra help search our blog posts and guides to help you properly care for your colored contact lenses. We are here answering your contact questions and helping you to know where to get the best advice. All our products are FDA-approved meaning you get lightweight, breathable contacts for comfort. Not only will our realistic looking contacts look natural, they will feel natural too.

Coloured Contacts UK is one to add to the favourites for all your non-prescription contacts. From crazy designs to Halloween classics, we can help you complete your costume or just your favourite outfit. With our natural color contacts we can help you change your look without compromising the realism. Our extensive range is up there with AmazonEbay and Air Optix.

We have one final product to leave you with. If you have been searching for colored contact lenses that look real, to complete your sassy evening outfit then pair your best smoky eye make-up with the Grey Evening Big Eyes Coloured Contact Lenses to set off your overall look. You’re welcome!