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Add some ferocity to your next fancy dress and get some of our animal coloured lenses!

Isn’t it boring sticking with the same eye colour all the time?! Then why not change it up? It’s always possible to change up your clothing for an epic costume for a Halloween/Fancy Dress party, but you’ll always have the same pair of peepers! One of the biggest short comings fancy dressers have when looking for cheap Halloween contacts is the extremely limited amount of styles and colours to choose from, but with Coloured Contacts that’s not the case!

We pride ourselves in giving you one of the biggest range of novelty contact lenses out there! Our epic lenses vary from different styles, colours and even occasions! So if you want to look absolutely purrfect and grab yourself a pair of our wicked cat contact lenses, we’ve got tonnes of colours and styles! Or maybe you’re planning your next big Halloween party? Then you’re definitely going to be ‘lycan’ our spooky range of werewolf eye lenses!  No matter what the quirky event you have planned, you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for with Coloured Contacts!

The biggest difference in our amazing animal contact lenses compared to others in the market, is that we always provide you with the best lenses that always feature outstanding colours to cover your natural eye colour and give you the most inhuman eyes you could ever with for! No matter what your natural eye colour is, you can rest assured wearing a pair of our yellow cat eye contacts will definitely leave you ‘feline’ confident in your new adopted look!

We also now stock incredible UV lenses so that you can really give yourself those deep reflective cat eye’s we’ve all come to adore and envy! Still wondering what the best bit about buying a pair of novelty contacts from us is? Well, we’d have to say it’s without a doubt due to our FDA approval that gives our animal contact lens range the strength and durability to last all your night escapades as your favourite creature!


Animal Coloured Lenses


Our gigantic range of crazy eye contacts consists of one of the widest ranges of colours and styles going. So no matter what wicked occasion you have planned you’ll always find exactly what you’re looking for with us. We know how amazing it is to dress up as your favourite animals and monsters but it’s always a mission to get a pair of great looking pair of costume contact lenses that give you a jaw dropping look at an affordable price! That’s why if you’re looking for a pair of wild eyes for your next dress up that’ll impress your friends and family, without breaking the bank, look no further than Coloured Contacts!

Within our range of animal coloured lenses, our styles of cat eye contacts and werewolf eye contacts are perhaps our most popular. But we don’t just stop there! We’ve got crazy contact lenses to make you look like dragonssnakesbirds, and even lizards, making us your true one stop shop! But the best attribute to these gorgeous styles is that they can be mixed and matched with many different costumes and styles so whether you’re look for some cosplay lenses so you can attend loads of wicked events or maybe you’re just looking to give yourself a chilling new day to day vibe; own a pair of lenses from our animal coloured lenses range and live with the chance of infinite fancy dress possibilities. What’s even more exciting about these lenses however is that they now come in daily, monthly and yearly styles! So you could be prowling the streets as your favourite animal for weeks and weeks to come!

We know by now you’re probably very confused by all the different types of crazy lenses and styles you could pick to become an epic animal! So in order to narrow it down abit for you we’ve chosen a few of our favourites to give you a little inspiration for your next outing!


  • Yellow Cat YV I-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses – As we mentioned previously, these UV lenses are top of the list for anyone going for a cat dress up! Whether it’s a party or clubbing, your blinkers will be glowing all night long under the bright ultra violet light!
  • Green Lizard’s Eye Coloured Contact Lenses – If you want to look like a lizard then these are the lenses for you! They feature a green and yellow design to give you an unrivalled reptilian look.
  • Yellow Green Dragon Coloured Contact Lenses – Let out your fantastical side with these amazing dragon lenses. If you’ve got an amazing cosplay/fancy dress dragon costume sorted you really can’t settle for any less than these lenses!
  • Blue Lycan Coloured Contact Lenses – Looking to reveal your animal under the full moon? Then these are perfect! These blue and black lenses give your eyes a phenomenal inhuman look that will leave friends and families scared half to death!
  • Violet Purple Jaguar Coloured Contact Lenses – Perhaps some of the funkiest lenses we have, these violet purple jaguar lenses give a novelty vibrant look to any cute fancy dress parties you have planned!


Style and Substance Combined

At Coloured Contacts one of our paramount goals is proving you with a pair of the safest non-prescription coloured contact lenses that will look great and feel great for all the crazy events you put them through. We pride ourselves on being able to always provide you with hundreds of colours and styles all year round, so you’ll never have to settle for another pair of dull Halloween contact lenses every again! But more importantly than this, we make sure that all of our lenses receive FDA approval through a three tier screening process; making sure they’re manufactured to high quality, made with lightweight materials and comfortable enough for daily and monthly use!

So if you’re looking for some cheap Halloween contacts, look no further than our animal coloured lenses range! All our crazy contact lenses are cheap and affordable but consist of outstanding quality! So you can shop for all your animal eye contacts in one place and never have to break the bank!