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Are you enthralled by the universe and love all things outer space? Then you are going to love our galaxy contact lenses. These galaxy eye contacts come in all different patterns so you can decide how you want the world to look from your viewpoint. Our galaxy print contact lenses are perfect for costumes, Halloween or an alternative everyday look.

Feel yourself being gravitationally pulled towards these intergalactic contacts? Perfect for an out of this world make up look. Create a smoky-eyed makeup look with some added glitter, paint on some delicate stars then blend in gold colours with blues and purples and you will have a majestic presence, just right for a photoshoot or party.

Our fashion contact lenses are even perfect for festivals. Release your free spirit and match the starry sky you are sleeping under. Bring out your glowsticks and glitter paint to really enhance your universe contact lenses. Check out all our galaxy eye contacts for sale before heading off to your next big music event. Want to be a trendsetter? Then coloured contact lenses could be the way to get you noticed.

If you are looking for fashion contact lenses for dark eyes with a space theme then you have come to the right place. Our lenses are all made with high quality pigmentation so you can be sure whichever colour you choose, your natural eye colour will be fully covered. Transform your brown eyes into light grey peepers with a selection of galactic lenses. Time to delve into the range of galaxy coloured contacts and help you find the lenses that are perfectly mystical for you.

Choosing the Best Galaxy Contacts For You

Get stars in your eyes with the Silver Glimmer Coloured Contacts. These light grey contacts will work for every eye colour whether light or dark and will give you a sparkle to your eye. Got a fancy dinner coming up but still want to hint at your alternative style? Light up your eyes and add a little glitz to your evening. If you are drawn like a magpie to all things sparkly then you are going to find these pretty hard to resist. Find your shining spotlight in the universe.

Blue Hypnotic Dream Coloured Contact Lenses are perfect for a dark starry-eyed look. The star effect bursts right to the edges of the iris, leaving a subtle blue peeking through. These stars contact lenses leave you with the look of a larger pupil due to the black star. Mesmerise your friends and watch them sink into the black holes of your eyes. Perfect for costumes, why not use these lenses to dress up for a party.

Be a unique universe with Butterfly Blue Coloured Contact Lenses. If you want to step away from the crowd then why not see what costume ideas you can up with for these space contact lenses. Featuring an all-black background with an electric blue ring, these lenses will make you feel like you are in deep space. If you love to feel pretty but still want to release your inner science geek then these space butterfly coloured contacts could be the lenses of your dreams. The electric blue line will make you look as if you have got space plasma in your eye, what could be cooler? Complete your next outfit with these funky lenses.

Want to make an impact when you walk into the room? Then these bold Purple Tempest Coloured Contact Lenses are sure to help you do just that. Featuring the brightest of purple infused with white to create a hypnotic effect, perfect for adding the finishing touches to a night out.

Get The Whole World in Your Eyes With Galaxy Contacts

Blast into outer space for just one night or stay a while. With our 90 day and 1 year lenses you can recreate your look over and over, just make sure to pick up some eyecare solution. If you don’t want the hassle of maintaining your lenses then we have 1 day options too, so you can go on an adventure for one night only. We have plenty of galaxy contact lenses for sale so you can be sure to find the style and duration you are looking for.

Our galaxy contact lenses are up there with Amazon, eBay and Solotica. We know that eye safety is of utmost importance to you so all our lenses are FDA-approved and we have plenty of helpful guides on how to care for and maintain your contacts. If you have any concerns or are looking for guidance we would advise talking to your eye doctor or optometrist.

Three…Two…One…Blast Off! Start your new galactic style with some space-inspired lenses and see what cool costumes you will come up with. Try out some universe lenses for your next cosplay outfit and wow the crowds at Comicon.