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Make sure your short sighted vision doesn’t shorten the possibility of grabbing yourself a beautiful new eye colour with a pair of our blue prescription contact lenses.

As one of the best places to get yourself a pair of coloured contact lenses, we make it available for you to get your hands on a huge variety of different contacts so you’ll be able to find some prescription coloured lenses to match the very style you’re looking for. No matter whether it’s some gorgeous costume contact lenses or a pair of natural look coloured contacts to give your eyes the cosmetic definition you’ve been dying to show off, we have all the colours and styles of coloured prescription contact lenses you can dream of!

That being said, if you every wonder ‘can you get coloured contact lenses for prescription’ or other queries such as ‘where can I get coloured contact lenses UK’; the best and only place to go is always Coloured Contacts!  

Brilliant Blue Prescription Contact Lenses For All

Here at Coloured Contacts we strive on giving you one of the biggest and most diverse sections of coloured lenses available, offering you amazing styles at affordable prices. One of our favourite ranges within our new range of prescription coloured contact lenses are our gorgeous and vibrant blue prescription contacts, and they are absolutely stunning!

If you’re sick of your current eye colour and have been dying to switch up your look in a couple of minutes, you’ve come to the right place! Within our range of blue coloured prescription contacts we’ve got absolutely dozens of styles and colours.Even if it’s a specific shade of blue you’re looking for you’re almost sure to find it on the Coloured Contacts website. We make sure to stock one of the biggest selection of colour variants so if you’ve got a massive event planned and you’re in dire need of coloured prescription contact lenses, you’ll be able to find scarily bright blue blind effect eyes or even a gorgeous dark shade of sapphire blue lenses to draw some attention to your gorgeous peepers when you’re out shopping.

Looking for some more outrageous blue contact lens styles though? We also have gorgeous coloured lenses that can be used for a variety of spooky costume ideas such as gorgeous eye catching animal contact lenses and even some funky glitter effect prescription coloured contacts to add some much needed glimmer to your eyes.

By now however you’re thinking to yourself ‘Why should I choose Coloured Contacts to give me award winning style choices’?  Well, let us tell you. We guarantee that all of our prescription coloured contact lenses will feature stunning eye catching colours and styles, but they will also look amazing no matter what natural eye colour you have. We make sure that all of our lenses feature strong colour pigmentations so that if you’re looking to get yourself some prescription coloured contact lenses for dark eyes, you can rest assured that the dazzling blue will still look gorgeous and true without a peep from your natural eye shade.

If that hasn’t got you excited enough for our new prescription contact lens range then this next bit definitely will. Not only do we sell some of the best prescription contact lenses cheap, but we also have them in a variety of different powers and durations!  Are you looking for some gorgeous blue prescription contacts that last for a total of90 Day’s once opened and can correct your short sighted vision? You’ve come to the right place. Do you have the common issue when buying lenses that you’re forced to buy 2 sets due to the different prescriptions needed for your left and right eyes? Then don’t worry! Simply visit one of our prescription coloured lenses and choose the prescription for each eye separately and we’ll send your custom order straight to your door!

Safe, High Quality and Durable Corrective Contact Lenses

Although we don’t have toric coloured contacts, our prescription lenses are some of the best around. As well as providing you with the best colours and styles on the market, one of the most important attributes to our unique prescription coloured contact lenses has to be the fact that we make sure all of our lenses from daily to yearly all receive an FDA approval rating.

The FDA approval rating is given due to the high quality manufacturing process that all of our prescription contacts are subjugated too.  As our high quality lenses are classed as medical devices, we make sure that all of our coloured contact lenses will always be made of some of the highest quality materials available, feature incredible durability and comfort so you can wear them for long periods of without trouble; but most importantly they must be completely safe.

That’s why if you shop with Coloured Contact lenses you will be able to grab yourself a pair of our corrective prescription contact lenses and give yourself a pleasant and stylish contact lens experience every time you change your style!