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Fancy becoming the perfect night owl? Then you a going to need something from our Ultra violet Contact Lens range. We stock a range of glow in the dark contact lenses UK featuring different designs and colours, perfect for fancy dress and Halloween.

These are sure to look amazing on the dance floor so next time you go clubbing think about adding UV reactive contact lenses to your night out fashion style.

These ultra violet contact lenses work best at night. If you are wondering what UV contacts in daylight look like then we can answer that question. They do not glow but they still look pretty creepy. Your lenses will have more of a colour block effect during light hours which means you can surprise your friends once the sun goes down.

A Rainbow of UV contact lenses

We have every colour of the rainbow available as UV reactive contact lenses! Don’t believe us, check out the products and tick off the colours:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • Violet

These aren’t the only colours we have. We also sell black and white lenses for our gothic fans. We know you creative people are going to come up with some quirky costumes to pair with our ultra violet contact lens range but here are just a few of our ideas.

White UV contact lenses are the best way to finish off your zombie Halloween costume or for giving a creepy ethereal vibe to your eyes. There are so many fancy dress options for these UV contacts! Sure to be a winner, this is the accessory that nobody else will have. Nothing says innocence and sweet more than a white glow lens and as we have learned from horror movies the most innocent looking characters are usually the most petrifying.

If you are looking for an ultra spooky effect for your next night of trick or treating then the black eclipse UV coloured contact lenses are sure to frighten away the ghouls. The black light contact lenses feature an eclipse effect created by a black main block colour accompanied by the fluorescent glow around the outer circle. These are sure to make you look like a shapeshifter or werewolf, whichever costume you go for you are sure to look like you should be locked away after dark.

Cat’s eyes feature a reflective layer which gives them the appearance of glowing in the dark. This means the most realistic costume cat eyes need to be fluorescent too! With the yellow cat UV i-Glow coloured contact lenses your kitty costume is sure to go from lap cat to wild cat. The perfect feline outfit wouldn’t be complete without a pair of these.

Best UV Glow Contact Lenses

Here at Coloured Contacts we have done everything possible to make sure our lenses are safe to use. With an FDA-approval our coloured contacts are sure to feel lightweight and breathable. For any concerns or for advice on eye suitability before trying cosmetic contact lenses we suggest talking to your eye doctor or optometrist. It is always best to talk to the experts! For extra hints and tips, head over to our blog to find out about styles, how to insert your lenses and plenty more.

Our UV coloured contacts are suitable for all eye colours thanks to the high quality pigmentation used in the contacts. The manufacturing process gives our lenses the vivid bold colours you love. No matter how dark your natural eye colour our lenses are sure to give you full colour coverage. We even have lenses that fully cover the pupil colour as well! If that isn’t proof enough of quality then why not make a UV contact lenses review for yourself?

Whatever you are planning to use your lenses for we are sure to have the duration to suit your needs. From 1 day to 90 day to 1 year ultra violet contact lenses, you can choose how long you would like to use your contacts for. For less hassle the daily option is the one for you. Simply wear once and throw away, no need for any storage or maintenance. The 90 day and 1 year lenses last for longer but need proper care and maintenance to ensure your eyes stay healthy. If you choose these longer lasting options then make sure to pick up some eye care solution. To solve your storage problems, check out our range of contact lens cases for a handy container perfect for one pair of lenses. Watch this space as more and more prescription lenses are being added to our range you may be on the lookout for UV contact lenses prescription soon.

Our ultra violet contact lens range is sure to be just as good as Amazon, eBay and Solotica. With so many options available it is time to start exploring UV contact lenses UK. Not from the UK? Coloured Contacts serve plenty of other countries too so there is no need to feel left out, fashion contact lenses are for everybody. Get your first pair here or add to your lens collections. If you are new to contact lenses and have checked your eye suitability with your doctor then it is time to take that costume up to the next level. Attention to detail is the key to a winning look. You won’t know until you try!