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If you want to get Ultra Violet lenses for your eyes then the best place is right here. At Coloured Contacts we have developed a quality selection of coloured contact lenses and in the massive collection exists our very own section dedicated to providing uv reactive contact lenses. Just the idea of having glowing eyes may make you excited to try these contacts but there are many situations where these contacts can make a real impression. Our contacts have durations in daily, 90 day and 1 year so making the most out of your time with these contacts is a great idea. So if you’re planning to go to rave or just want to make your own black light party into a massive hit, getting a pair of ultraviolet lenses will be the icing on the cake.

For those with dark eye colours, other contacts can be a hassle. While other sellers may claim to sell coloured contacts, they are really selling tinted contact lenses that will be muddied by the eye colour underneath. Considering that over half of the world has brown eyes, this is a really bothersome issue. That is why we only provide opaque coloured contacts that use our high-quality pigments so you can use the lightest lenses on the darkest eyes without the natural colour being visible. It’s this same quality that means we’ve been able to provide uv eye lenses that will shine brightly against the glow of a black light.

With the every growing rave community enjoying the colourful effects of ultraviolet clothing and hair dyes, the best way to take your outfit to the next level is with a pair of glowing contact lenses. Though if you don’t fancy the rave scene, then you can make your next party a bit more interesting by adding ultraviolet lights to your home. Imagine the quality of a Halloween party where you can use uv contacts to add glowing demon or vampire eyes to your outfit.

Choose From A Variety of UV Glow Contact Lenses.

There has never been a better opportunity to get Ultra Violet Lenses so if you’re interested then here are some great examples of what you can expect. Firstly we have our solid colour lenses that will provide the desired colour that you prefer. If you want cool blue contact lenses to make an icy white walker costume complete, this option will definitely send a chill up your spine. But with all sorts of other colours including bright purple contacts you will be able to create whatever style you want to achieve.

If you’re looking for something more novelty then perhaps a pair of glow in the dark contacts from our Screen UV I-Glow collection will be a great idea for you. These will create a mesh of colour over your iris and pupil. Underneath a uv light, these can look particularly scary. The white eye lenses in this style look like glossed over ghost eyes in the dark so if you want to a great novelty look then these would be a perfect option for you to wear. These also come in blue and green colours and we’re adding more all the time so you can add more colour to your eyes with this funky style.

On top of these designs, we have several styles of Halloween contact lenses that will make some costumes look even better. For example, the Yellow Cat UV I-Glow Contacts will make your Halloween cat costume even more realistic with glowing eyes just like a real cat with their reflective eyes. Another option is the Red Wolf eye that creates a fiery red and yellow lens perfect for those who want to make werewolf costumes. These would also work well in demon, dragon or other costumes, you simply have to use your imagination to decide what costumes will suit these amazing contacts.

For a more understated look, our ringed uv lenses are a subtle way to add a bright glow. With a black iris, you either create a gentle glow around the edge with the Black Eclipse UV contacts that really look like the space phenomenon is in your eyes. You can also try out the Pink UV Bullseye lens which has two pink rings around the iris and pupil for a Tron like appearance in your eye.

Buy Glow in the Dark Contact Lenses UK

Buying contacts online is super easy and we ship internationally and locally so that everyone has the opportunity to buy these quality contacts. They’re made and distributed all within the UK so you know that they have gone through the toughest of standards testing. If you get a pair of black light contact lenses you will be able to enjoy them for the relevant duration from when you open the package, you just need to clean them with contact lens solution if you have a multi-use option.

All of the contact lenses at Coloured Contacts are FDA Approved which means that they’ve been strenuously tested for safety, quality of colour and much more. That means you can buy these contacts knowing they are of the highest quality. We are also really proud of the high-quality of the colours available in our lenses. Our contacts have a Polyhema material composition which means they are lightweight on the eye and breathable so your eyes won’t dry out or feel discomfort. You may even forget that you have them in because they feel so nice, thought you will have to remember to take them out before you go to bed. Check the information in the description of the product to see the situations where these lenses are suitable as many should not be worn while driving.

With so many options available to you in our UV lens section, there is no reason not to get your hands on a pair today. So if you want to get Ultra Violet lenses then Coloured Contacts is your best source for quality of lenses and service.