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Check out our Creepy Contact Lens range for a perfect pair of coloured contact lenses this Halloween. With dozens of contacts to choose from in our collection, you will definitely find a style and colour to suit your needs. All of our Creepy style lenses are the perfect addition to a fancy dress costume. If you love showing attention to detail then making your eyes look as creepy as your costume is an essential. There has never been a better time to start using coloured contacts. Check out our range today and discover something to suit your needs.
We make sure that all of our contact lenses are made to a high quality to ensure they’re safe and colour effective so you don’t have to worry about your purchase. Along with the low prices, our contacts have become a reliable product for people worldwide. While Coloured Contacts is located in the UK and make our contact lenses within the U.K. we also provide international shipping to a large number of countries across multiple continents.

With all these choices available for high quality creepy contact lenses, you may feel spoilt for choice. Take a look at this quick list of some of the lenses that you may enjoy wearing as your next Halloween contact lenses.

  • Black Contact Lenses – Our range of black coloured contacts will create a perfect look for a demon costume or some other evil spirit. Lenses like the Blackout Halloween contacts will create a completely black iris, or you can cover even more of your eye with black using the Mini Sclera contact lenses. If you’d prefer a wacky style then the Black Spiral contacts will put all of your friends in a trance from how great they look. There are many different types of Black lenses available that will complete your costume, so on Halloween you can have the perfect monster eye contacts.
  • White Contact Lenses – For many who love to dress up for Halloween, a ghostly costume can either be boring or the creepiest of outfits. The use of some white contacts will make sure that your costume is terrifying. The White Blind Zombie lenses are a great option to cover up your pupil with white, making your eye completely white. This is a great way to get really scary eyes. If you’d prefer to add a cool design to the white iris then try the White Tempest or White Angelic as they both feature a ring around the iris to create a pattern effect. These are perfect for those who want a piercing white colour in their eyes.
  • Blue Contact Lenses – Blue contacts are extremely popular as they have such a stunning colour. The unnerving Dark Blue Flame contacts are a great way to show demon fire burning within. Or if you’re planning on dressing up as a white walker for a Game of Thrones themed Halloween party then the Blue Manson or Blue Abyss contacts will give your eyes that light ice blue colour that really suits the undead scourge beyond the wall. Perhaps you’d prefer something a little more novelty and know that your party will include a black light. Then the Blue I-Glow UV contacts are the best option. These UV reactive contacts will glow in the dark for a really cool effect. You can make your costume look magical with some glowing eyes.
  • Red Contact Lenses – If you really want to unleash the anger of an evil monster on your party then some red contacts are the best option for you. With vibrant designs like the Red Vampire contacts or the Red Web contacts you can look like you’ve been bitten. Or use the Red Cat’s Eye contacts to add an animalistic look to your eye. The vertical black pupil isn’t just for cat’s but can be used as part of a Dragon or Werewolf costume as well. Whether you’re looking to create a look for a Zombie, Wolf or Demon, we will have a red coloured contact that fits your costume perfectly and shows off those evil eyes.

All of these contact lenses have gone through a long inspection process and are FDA Approved to guarantee they are safe to be worn as well as effective. The lens is made from a Polyhema material so you will enjoy how comfortable they are on the eyes. These are also opaque contact lenses so the colour is solid and will work effectively over any eye colour, including dark eyes. This ensures that everyone can enjoy our coloured contacts without their brown eyes being visible underneath. There is no better place for safe Halloween contact lenses than at Coloured Contacts. You will definitely enjoy spending your next event wearing a pair of these contacts. You can also choose the duration of your contacts, so if you need a daily lens for just one night of Halloween partying, or if you’d prefer to Cosplay over a 90 day period, you will have a pair of contacts that will provide exactly what you require. The multi-wear contacts are also easy to clean using our contact lens solution and a contact lens case.

We’re always looking to add more to our collection of FX contact lenses so you will be able to find new options available all the time. There is also a section of Prescription Halloween contact lenses that will allow those who require glasses to use these contacts. We understand that when you want to go to a Halloween party in costume that wearing your glasses may ruin the spooky look that you’re attempting. Now you can simply input your prescription power when buying the prescription lenses and you’ll be able to see perfectly without compromising the integrity of your costume.

Buying cheap coloured contacts has never been easier. Simply order them and we’ll send them directly to your door. From Australia to the United States, we will have you covered. So check out our Creepy Contact Lens range and find the contact lenses that will make your costume a cut above the rest.