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In our Aqua Prescription Contact Lenses section, we have a variety of different styles that you can use to complete your look. For those who have always wondered can you get coloured contacts for prescription, the answer is yes and at Coloured Contacts we have the best quality of contact lenses. We have worked hard to make sure that all of our coloured contacts are tested for safety and efficiency. Now you can enjoy the effects of an awesome looking lens that will also help to correct your vision. For many, the addition of coloured contact lenses will either require the use of glasses or they will try to deal with their lack of precise vision in order to look stylish. We’re happy to provide a different option that doesn’t involve any compromising.

From the many options available, the Aqua contact lenses that we have in the prescription section are all brilliantly designed and look fantastic. Whether you’re looking for a novelty lens that will complete a Cosplay costume or just looking for a natural eye colour for everyday use, we have what you need. People across the world are getting the most out of their coloured contact lenses and you should too. With plenty of shipping options, you can enjoy a new pair of fashion lenses wherever you are!

So if the idea of a quality pair of Aqua Prescription Contact Lenses sounds good to you, you will next need to decide on the style and design of the lenses. Check out this cool little list of some of the designs you can expect to see in our prescription section.

Natural Looking Contact Lenses

  • Aqua Blue Tri Tone Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses – When it comes to prescription coloured contacts the natural colours will allow you to easily wear these contact lenses everyday and people will believe you have an aqua blue eye colour. The best part about natural lenses is that you can wear them daily without an issue or wear them for a special occasion like a Halloween or Cosplay costume if your choice of character has normal blue eyes. These lenses feature an aqua blue flecked design to mimic the eye as well as small black and brown rings around the iris and pupil. The multiple colours create a more realistic style of eye as many people have more than one tone in their eyes.

Novelty Looking Contact Lenses

  • Aqua Blue Cat’s Eye Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses – If you’re looking for Halloween Contact Lenses then you will love the style of these Cat eye lenses. These aqua blue lenses have a vertical pupil for an animalistic appearance. You can wear these as part of a Cat fancy dress costume but you’re not constricted to just one costume. If you want to add these to a Werewolf, Dragon, or Demon costume, they will look suitably scary. Enjoy using your imagination to create a Halloween costume that will be complete with a pair of these cheap coloured contacts.
  • Aqua Glamour Coloured Prescription Contact Lenses – These contact lenses feature a multicoloured effect. With an aqua blue ring around the iris and the off white sun shape in the middle. These are perfect for those who want to look spooky on Halloween with some zombie contact lenses. You can enjoy these as a great novelty design. You will also look like the perfect anime character if you add these to a suitable Cosplay fancy dress costume. For those who’re looking at prescription coloured contact lenses Halloween is the most important opportunity to show off. Make sure to grab these for your next Halloween party.

Get Prescription Coloured Contact Lenses at Coloured Contacts

All of our lenses are FDA approved to guarantee they are completely safe to use and that the material is of the highest quality. We make sure that we’re selling the safest prescription contact lenses UK. So check them out for yourself. They’re easy to take care of by cleaning with our contact lens solution and we also sell contact lens cases so you can keep your contact lenses safe and clean. Some of our cases also come with an insert wand and tweezers so you can clean them without risk of transferring dirt or bacteria from your hand to your eye. All of this is available because we want to keep your eyes feeling healthy.

The colours that we use on our lenses come from a high quality pigment that creates an opaque contact lens so if you’re worried that your eye colour will be visible underneath the lens, then you can rest assured that our lenses will keep them covered. Getting prescription coloured contact lenses for dark eyes has never been easier now that Coloured Contacts is here to sort everything out. Our contacts also come in a variety of durations, so if you’re looking to wear daily coloured contact lenses or one that last a little longer, we have options for 1 Day, 90 Day, and 1 Year.

Now that you know how great all of our contact lenses are, you can order contact lenses online and we will deliver them straight to your door. All you have to do is keep them clean and wear them to parties or when you go outside. When you’re ordering, you will select the prescription that your optometrist provides so that you can see clearly without the need for glasses. So if you’re thinking that you’d like a special pair of coloured contact lenses that will help correct your vision while looking great. Check out our prescription contact lens section to see which style suits you best.

We’re always adding new Aqua Prescription Contact Lenses so be sure to keep checking for new options. If you’re dedicated to getting a quality looking Aqua Blue colour in your eyes then we will keep providing you with everything you need. Coloured Contact is the best place for colour contact lenses UK so try out our lenses today.