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Transform your look in the blink of an eye with our selection of violet contact lenses from big brands, perfect for cosplay or Halloween!

Are you a drama queen at heart? Channel your inner goddess and turn heads simply by using violet coloured lenses! Our range of non-prescription violet contact lenses are perfect for Halloween, Cosplay and Fantasy role-play and pack a serious colour punch. Embrace the ferocious warrior trapped inside you with our vivid violet contact lenses. Inject some passion into your everyday style with a smouldering stare. These lenses take your eyes from average to amethyst in seconds, giving you the power to enchant and enthrall anyone who dares to challenge you.

With a huge range of styles, our lightning fast delivery, and simple ordering process you can get cheap contact lenses in the blink of an eye.

Create A Spellbinding Look With A Pair of Violet Contact Lenses

From UV reactive lenses to creepy creatures and subtle flashes of colour, we've got a pair of violet contact lenses for every occasion. What's more, these lenses have super vivid colour pigments, meaning they can be used as violet contact lenses for dark eyes and your eyes can take on a bright and vibrant new hue. So whether you're switching from hazel to a pale violet or green to a deep violet tone, you can guarantee all eyes will be on you.

As well as this, a purple eye lens can make a brilliant all round contact lens choice. The problem with many lens colours can be that they are locked to a particular occasion such as Halloween or everyday. If you choose to get yourself a violet eye colour however, you can use this coloured contact lenses in any way you see fit. They’re bright and bold enough to be worn with some of the quirkiest costumes and enhancing beyond your general pair of contacts to replace your everyday styles.

There’s a massive selection of enhancing lenses to give you the brightest of eyes. By enhancing we mean new and gorgeous natural eye designs that are used to show off and add more depth to your current beautiful shade. If you’re specifically looking for this style we stock a wide variety of one tone, two tone and tri tone lavender contact lenses that can help upgrade your look depending on what specific style you are looking for and how natural you want it to be. 

Add some cute colour to your stare with a pair of violet coloured contact lenses, perfect for bringing a splash of ethereal style to any look! Unlike some of our other dark purple contacts these are brighter and bolder than regular purple, yet deeper and more dimensional than pink, violet is the perfect hue for accessorising all manner of costumes. But they’re not just for costumes, although you may be able to find and pick up a pair of purple cat eye contacts to perfectly represent your love for ferocious leopards.

Would you like more help on what costumes and styles are perfect for purple prescription contacts? Then keep reading below and we’ll give you new insight into how to use your new lenses to their best!

Bold. Beautiful. Bewitching.

Great for Halloween, Cosplay events and everyday wear, our selection of vampish violet lenses are guaranteed to turn heads and make sure all eyes are on you! Stuck for costume ideas? Check out our favourites:

  • Witch: Take a leaf out of the Halliwell sister's book (Of shadows, naturally) and don butt-kicking ankle boots, autumnal toned makeup and some '90s inspired fashion choices! We can't all be as cool as Phoebe, Piper, Prue, and Paige, but you can certainly pay homage to the Charmed ones for a night! If classic looks are more your bag, team some contact lens violet with lashings of green face paint, a prosthetic nose and a straggly wig for an Elphaba inspired ensemble!
  • Old Skool Raver: We adore our UV lenses, especially when paired with a full on, rave-tastic ensemble! For an authentic '90s ensemble, team with all white clothing, furry leg warmers, and an outlandish Jay Kay style hat. If an electric punk look is more your thing, then team your ultraviolet contacts with lashings of UV face paint, plenty of edgy jewellery and the most over the top outfit you can muster! All you’ll need is a black light and your new eyes will be able to show off a subtle glow on top of their usual colour. 
  • The Natural Diva: As we mentioned previously, a violet colour lens can be used for all manner of looks. We’ve spoken about how you can easily incorporate them into your next costume or vivid party night with friends, but we’re yet to inform you of how to add them to your everyday look. For those who love to look their best and aim for a finished look that is totally jaw dropping, a pair of violet contacts for brown eyes may be your best and ultimate choice.

The reason we think our purple eye contacts work so well as a pair of bright cosmetic contacts isn’t just because of their fantastic realistic iris designs. As well as this their bright and slightly unnatural colour designs perfectly work in their favour by giving you a style that is both enticing and powerful. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? As well as being one of the only providers of these fantastic lenses, we also have a wide range of purple contact lenses so you’ll be able to choose the perfect shade and style to match!

So there you have it, a little idea of how to use your violet coloured contacts! Contact lenses look fabulous worn all year round, so don't ditch them just because Halloween's over! We've got a huge range of realistic looking contacts, so you really can rock a vampish violet gaze all year round. Want to achieve a mesmerising and captivating look? Why not team a pair of our natural look violet lenses with a subtle purple toned smokey eye and a swipe of iridescent highlighter on the brow bone to create an elegant look that's sure to bewitch and astound! Fancy something a little more 'out there'? Then go loud and proud with tri tone dark purple lenses, metallic liner, glitter and feathery false lashes for a style that screams 'look at me'!

Violet Contact Lenses: A Vivid Look For Any Occasion

Ideal for completing any fancy dress or cosplay look, our selection of violet eyes contact lenses are available in 1 Day, 90 Day or 1 Year styles. So whether you're looking for a temporary switch or a long-term colour change, you're sure to find your perfect pair here at Coloured Contacts! As well as being able to offer you a range of durations though, we also make it possible for you to shop for purple prescription contacts. If you are in need of corrective vision lenses, you will be able to stock up on coloured contacts in prescription varieties -1.00 to -5.00 in a variety of different durations.

But why should you specifically buy a pair of purple lenses from Coloured Contacts? Well, let us make that crystal clear. Compared to some other manufacturers of violet eye contacts, when you buy from us you will always receive a pair of Coloured Contacts of some of the highest quality available. Not only this, but you’ll also realise that all of our lenses have either an FDA Approval rating or CE mark. This means that if you’re buying a pair of purple cat eye contacts or a bright pair of violet circle lenses that they will be of the highest standard. If you wanted to look at this in detail it means that all our lenses must go through an intense manufacturing process to ensure that they are made of the highest quality materials, are durable, safe and comfortable to be worn for their full intended duration.