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If you can think of nothing better than indulging in a brand new natural eye colour, then FreshLook coloured contact lenses are soon to be your new favourite contact lens brand. From Ciba Vision, this renowned contact lens brand produces striking, natural-looking lenses which are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortable to wear. Each and every FreshLook contact lens is packed with high-quality features.

When you shop Fresh Look contacts you’ll be sure to find some of the top technologies available in a pair of contact lenses. As well as functionality and comfort, so many customers look for aesthetically realistic coloured contact lenses that they can incorporate into their everyday style. Freshlook dailies combines the best of both worlds with contacts that look totally natural whilst being comfortable to wear.

Get FreshLook Lenses for A Whole New You

Eye colour is a huge factor in our appearance, and if your natural-born shade isn’t quite for you, then why not try a temporary change? All of these contact lenses from FreshLook are here to make your natural transformations all the more possible. If you’ve been dying to adopt a new natural iris colour, then this is surely the way to go about it!

No matter which of the Freshlook colours you opt to try out, we’re sure that you’ll be delighted with the results. This range includes everything from natural blues to bold sterling silver. When you shop with us, we highly recommend checking out the Pure Hazel and gorgeous Green shades. All popular picks if you’re looking for a gorgeous new pair of prescription coloured contacts.

As well as all these neat features and safety additions, you’ll be pleased to discover the gorgeous designs found in every pair of Fresh Look colour contacts. With a whole range of natural effect lenses, FreshLook Colour Blend designs give a subtle yet mesmerising natural eye colour transformation. The designs stand out due to their darker outer edges which give your gaze more depth and definition.

One of the many positive factors of these lenses is their simple one-use nature. However, whilst Freshlook Dailies are only designed for one day’s use, this doesn’t mean they lack in the quality of a standard pair of lenses. For some, a quick throwaway pair of lenses is an ideal way to change up their daily eye colour. With limited aftercare necessary, a pair of daily contact lenses is the convenient way to enjoy all the fun of a fashion lens.

With their bumper multipacks, Fresh Look ensures you can enjoy a new colour for longer. Forget about the hassle of lens care and upkeep when you can work your way through a larger pack of Freshlook one day contacts. Each designed for a single use; these coloured contacts are perfect for those looking to save on their daily lens purchase haul. Why not stock up and make your new look last for longer?

If upkeep-free everyday coloured contact lenses are what you’re looking for, then make sure to check out everything that a pair of FreshLook contact lenses has to offer. Perfect for contact lens newcomers or experienced coloured contacts wearers, with a multipack to hand, you can discover new colours and styles whilst keeping your daily eye colour routine looking ship-shape.

What Are The Freshlook Contact Lens Features?

There are just so many features to find out about in Fresh Look colour contacts it can sometimes be difficult to work out the meanings. It is important to keep eyes hydrated whilst wearing coloured contact lenses, which is why this brand has included all kinds of technologies designed to keep your eyes feeling fresh. Here to lend a helping hand, let us break down the technical terms and all the latest lens technologies you can find in these fresh look coloured contact lenses.

  • FreshLook Colorblends: A hugely important factor of buying natural coloured contact lenses is how real the colour looks. It is vital to get a balance between a realistic-looking natural eye colour and a shade that is both noticeable and covers your natural iris colour. Customers will be pleased to know that ColorBlends technology does just that! In each and every natural look lens, there is a ‘3 in 1’ tri-colouring system which applies a different tone to each part of the lens design. Easily add some more depth to your eyes and you are also sure to find this technique mimics the style and colours of a real eye.
  • LightStream Technology: This gives the Fresh look lenses a thinner edge that not only makes it easier to insert the lens, but also makes it more comfortable to wear. Eyes can sometimes feel dry after prolonged contact lens use, so the thinner edge of the lens allows more oxygen to permeate onto the surface of your eye. This leaves the eye feeling fresher and more hydrated during wear.
  • Focus Dailies: This technology is yet another alternative way that these lenses will keep your eyes feeling their very best. The blink-activated system ensures lenses stay free from any deposit build-up and that they stay healthy and fresh. If you’re eyes constantly feel dry whilst wearing contact lenses, then you certainly need to test out a pair of these single-use coloured contact lenses. This technology also helps prevent eye strain. We all know that infrequent blinking can lead to issues with our eyes and with some brands it can feel like you aren’t able to fully close your eye. With FreshLook you won’t notice you are wearing the lenses so will continue to blink normally, therefore, avoiding eye strain.

When it comes to features and quality, it’s fair to say that Freshlook has it all! They’re lenses you can rely on and are sure to be right at home in your daily get-up kit. If you have a beauty routine or a strict personal care regime, these contacts are sure to seamlessly fit in. With so many reasons to try these coloured contacts, why not enhance your look and get a mesmerising new shade with an impressive pair of Fresh look contact lenses?