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It’s time to discover some awesome carnival contact lenses. Around the world, Carnival is a popular celebratory tradition for many countries. Carnival is a time for dressing up, engaging in culture and can last a number of days or numerous weeks. With flamboyant costumes and brightly coloured outfits we think it’s only natural to use Coloured Contact Lenses to help embrace the spirit of the festivities.

With Carnival being such a traditional and cultural event throughout the world, you can imagine that each one may differ slightly between its theme and time of year. However, you will most commonly find that, across Europe, Carnival falls in the period before Ash Wednesday. This is in order to symbolise the beginning of lent. This is true for Brazilian-style Carnivals, Carnavales de Cádiz in Spain and Weiberfastnact in Germany.

Coloured Contact Lenses for Carnival

Although the dress code and theme of each carnival may be dramatic, it is sure to differ. In order to be fully involved in the events and street parades it’s clear that you need to embrace themes related to cultural attire - but be sure to add your own unique take!

As well as parades, Carnival is also about embracing the music, fun and creating incredible costumes. Whether you’re getting ready in your best fancy dress for Mardi Gras or your traditional garment for a Rio-style parade, there’s nothing quite like using costume contact lenses to enhance your look.

Depending on the exact Carnival style or costume you’re trying to create, there is a perfect pair of contact lenses ready to bring the look to life. Read about some of our styles below:

Carnival Costume Contacts

If you want the best experience of Carnival, we recommend getting into your finest and most flamboyant fancy dress. Depending on your outfit you can find something fitting within our Halloween contacts range, but rest assured that there is something for any costume. With costume focused contact lens you’re almost guaranteed deep colour pigmentations and styles to draw the attention towards your look.

These jaw-dropping styles offer coverage of the entire iris and in some cases the pupil as well. In many cultures, Carnival can be an opportunity to celebrate death; so various styles from our vampire or zombie contact lens range, there are plenty of options to choose from.

Natural Contact Lenses for Carnival

The traditional Carnival parade is always full of elegant performers in traditional clothing. There is a range of ways that you can create eye catching styles like this for yourself as a performer or as an attendee with Coloured Contacts. With many of the traditional outfits that can be seen in Carnivals for Rio, Spain and Italy; one of the key similarities is there bright colours, as well as gold/glittery and fabulous costume attire.

Luckily on Coloured Contacts you’ll be able to find a pair of Carnival contact lenses for almost any occasion. Natural coloured contact lenses can either add a new exotic level to your look or simply compliment the undertones of your natural eye colour.

Styles of Carnival Costume Contact Lenses

Creating a carnival costume deserves only the best contact lenses. On our website you’ll be able to find lenses for a whole range of styles that can work with subtle makeup transformations, to SFX quality eye styles. Here, we are firm believers that if you’re creating a new fancy dress costume or style for yourself, you need to experiment with all kinds of colours.

It’s all too easy to incorporate our Halloween contact lenses into almost any type of creepy carnival look. Particularly costume contacts are important at Halloween for creating the most realistic of vampire, werewolf and almost any horror movie character available; which is why they are also such a welcomed choice for Carnivals.

For Carnivals of Mardi Gras, Cologne or Santa Cruz some of the spookiest costumes come to life, which is why you’ll need a pair of crazy lenses. One of the most popular costume choices include skeletons, and can have their effects maximised easily with the following contact lenses:

  • White Zombie Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses: A favourite among trick-or-treaters, these white zombie contact lenses feature block white colour pigmentation to cover your iris and give the illusion of the wearer only having pupils.
  • White UV i-Glow Coloured Contact Lenses:  Like the zombie lenses mentioned above, these contacts feature the same block white style but with an ultra violet finish that will react under a black light. Perfect for classic Carnival parties.

Natural Party Contact Lenses for Carnival

It’s no surprise that almost all Carnival costumes feature heaps of colours. With glistening glittery outfits and flamboyant feather gowns; if you’re creating one of these fancy dress looks you need to make an impression. Within our natural styles there are a few ranges that particularly stand out as top picks for Carnival:

  • Galaxy Coloured Contact Lenses: This style contains the same bright colour pigmentations of natural lenses, but with a bold design of a starry night’s sky.
  • Glimmer/One Tone Coloured Contact Lenses: Of all of our natural contact lenses, these can be considered to be the most enhancing. For glittery carnival costumes the bright colour pigments give a bolder colour and a slight glisten to your new look.

Those are just a few of our styles fitting for Carnival and rest assured there are plenty of more. Whether you are used to daily disposable styles or are in need of some reusable contact lenses to last the entirety of the carnival season; you’ll be able to find it through it within our styles of daily, 30 day, 90 day and 1 year durations.

Finding it tough to pin down the right style of carnival contact lenses for your look? Head over to the Coloured Contacts Gallery and view our talented affiliates modelling our lenses for natural poses and costume makeup.