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When it comes to coloured contacts coverage there is a range of options to choose from, depending on the final look you are hoping to achieve. Just like choosing a design, the decision for which type of coverage you would like can totally change your look. For example, if you are creating a costume or cosplay you are likely to want full coverage to help you completely transform into your character. Alternatively, if you are searching for a natural switch, leaving part of your eye colour visible can enhance the finished look.

These aren’t the only things to consider when thinking about colour coverage. Your eye colour will play a big part in how the colour of the contact lenses interacts with your natural iris tone. Think of it in terms of the principles or art or mixing paints and you will soon realise that covering a darker eye colour is more challenging than finding coloured contacts for light eyes.

The Types Of Opaque Coloured Contacts Coverage

There are three main types of colour coverage to consider when shopping with Coloured Contacts. Each of our products has been rated using our Lens Transparency Guide so you can choose the style that is right for you.

Our Full Colour styles offer optimum coverage. These are generally costume contacts lenses that will fully cover your iris with colour. The vibrant tones and highly-saturated pigmentation will help you to switch up your eye colour in an instant. From creepy zombies to funky cosplay styles, if you can imagine the creature or ghoul, we probably have the different eye colour contacts to match!

These tend to be the best coloured contacts for dark eyes. The lenses offer a strong colour that is designed to look unnatural. Many of our affiliates have successfully covered their natural eye colours with these lenses so be sure to check out our gallery to get a true picture of how the lenses may look. Even light colours such as white and yellow can be successful in covering dark brown eyes.

Next on the scale are the Vibrant Colour styles. These tend to be natural styles which offer a reasonable amount of coverage plus a bright colour change. The difference between vibrant natural lenses and full colour costume lenses is that costume lenses are often in a single block of colour whereas natural eyes have multiple tones. Green coloured contacts, for example, wouldn’t look realistic if they were in a single colour. To get a natural green tone, several shades have been blended together creating the fresh sparkle that comes with our vibrant colour styles.

The coverage will vary depending on your eye colour but vibrant lenses are ideal colour contacts for light eyes. If you are looking for natural colour contact lenses for dark brown eyes then we suggest sticking to the vibrant range too, and choosing darker colour lenses such as tri tone styles. The multiple tones found in this range will blend with your natural eye colour to give you a new shade.

The final coverage on the scale is enhancing coloured contacts. The styles in this range tend to be natural styles but the difference from the vibrant colour lenses is that they sometimes have areas of transparency which allow your natural colour to show through. This means enhancing lenses are the perfect choice for adding subtle colour flecks to your iris. Even this small change can totally change how your eyes look and can bring back your sparkle.

A popular use for our enhancing styles is as coloured contacts for dark eyes. While they do not completely cover your natural iris, many customers and affiliates use tones such as hazel and green to lighten their colour in a subtle yet noticeable way. This colour tint can add the detailing to your eyes that you have been searching for.

Choosing The Most Natural Coloured Contacts For Dark Eyes

Choosing coloured contacts for brown eyes from an online store can feel like a risk when it comes to colour coverage. After all, dark brown eyes do present a challenge for contact lens manufacturers, but with the right colour pigmentation and detailing you can achieve a natural style that will temporarily hide your dark eye colour.

Visit our gallery page to see talented MUAs using lenses to change their dark brown eyes, for guidance on which styles are most successful. You can also check out our dedicated section for Best Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes to see the tried and tested lenses that provide the best coverage.

Helpful Hints For Colour Enhancer Contacts For Light Eyes

When it comes to coloured contact lenses for light eyes it is easy to think that every shade and coverage of contact lenses will cover your light eye colour but there is one thing to consider. Sometimes if the colour of contact lens you are choosing is too close to your natural eye colour, it won’t seem as vibrant once it is in your eyes. The colours blend together rather than creating a vibrant contrast. Generally, the lenses from all three coverage types will give good coverage to lighter eye colours.

With all the types of Coloured Contacts coverage, it is easy to achieve the look you would like. From a realistic everyday natural lens to an enhancing cosplay eye to a spooky zombie style; by following this guide you will find it easier to reach your dream look. Results will vary depending on your natural eye colour, so always make sure to consider this when you are choosing your coloured contact lenses.