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Are you searching for something a little different for your Halloween costume this year? Crow contact lenses could be the perfect edgy accessory to take your outfit from try-hard zero to fancy dress hero!  

Animal contact lenses are some of our most popular designs, allowing the wearer to unleash the beast and bring an animalistic edge to any ensemble. Whatever your chosen creature, you can guarantee that at Coloured Contacts you will receive high quality coloured contact lenses that provide excellent coverage and a stand out finish. 

Crow Contact Lenses: Create Your Spooky Eyes! 

Crow contact lenses are one of the more unique costume contacts on offer with an eye-catching printed design. These contact lenses feature a striking crow print that incorporates your own black pupil into the design by sitting directly over the top, without affecting your vision. This simple design has a great effect that is sure to have passers by doing a double-take to see what it is that’s so unusual about your stare. 

One of the best times of year for Crow contact lenses is Halloween, but you can wear these creepy lenses whenever you feel like; bring a sinister edge to your next fancy dress party or simply add some alternative style to a night out. Fans of Cosplay love these Crow contact lenses because they can be added to many different character costumes to give an authentic finish. 

Our Crow contact lenses are available in various colours, with everything from yellow crow lenses to white contacts, you’re sure to find just the right pair to accessorise with. Why not pair some of our novelty Crow contacts with a hooded black cloak to create the perfect spooky eyes this Halloween. 

One of the most appealing parts of Crow contact lenses is that due to their stand-out design, they look great no matter what your skin tone or natural eye colour. The vibrant colours look spooky when off-set against dark skin or even for fair skin, so there is no need to worry whether or not these novelty lenses will suit you.  

Great Coverage Even For Dark Eyes  

All of our coloured contact lenses are made from high quality materials and are richly pigmented with colour, giving you maximum coverage and colour purity no matter what your natural eye colour is. Because of this reliability, Crow contact lenses are some of the best designs for dark eyes, but also look fantastic over paler blue eyes. 

Not only are our contact lenses richly colourful, but we are committed to sourcing products from the top reputable brands like Eyefusion (AKA EDIT). So you can get your wild eyes on without ever having to worry about quality, we offer cheap contacts that are safe and comfortable to wear. 

We want you to get the best out of your Crow contact lenses, so we offer completely reusable styles that will last for up to one year after opening; great news for regular Cosplayers or those of us that like nothing more than attending every fancy dress party we hear of!